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Bambi C. looks as tame as a deer but thinks like an animal.
She has morals for herself but none for others.
She knows love is all one needs but lust is what we are after.
She can be homey but loves parties.
She is all for women’s rights but enjoys being objectified once in a while.

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Dick Lank 人生如夢,夢如人生。不知看見的、聽見的是周莊夢蝶還蝶夢周莊。倒不如嘻笑怒罵一番。

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Eric W. As a young kitten, Eric enjoyed much success as a child actor, appearing in numerous successful adverts in North Korea and Broadway musicals shows in PyongYang. However success came at a price, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, on one faithful night, Eric finally cracked under the pressure and had a Jennifer Lopez style out-bust, smashed the set, kicked the director in the head, yell at everyone and walked out during the filming of a high profile but yet low budget movie. Since then Eric became a washed up has-been and usually can be found under the bridge, unwashed and babbling non-sense, with an Ipod up his backside. That was until he took refuges in the Libertines Pub. Now he does all that IN the pub. Huzza! Happy ending?

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Miss Fong is a legendary Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Master (credited for creating the 'Pondering Cat in the Mist' and 'Eagle Defecating in Mid-Flight' face). After an unfortunate fire-blowing incident where she set the entire front row up in flames, she escaped to Hong Kong with the crispy, charred victims and became their feather boa-clad pimp. With a keen eye for missing limbs and physical abnormalities, she now combs the streets of Mong Kok (with a stick of siu-mai in one hand and egg waffles in the other) for her next freak show star.

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Henry C. is a cynic by trade. At the age of 12, he was admitted to a rehab for his conceit and managed to get kicked out of it within 4 hours. He invented and is the patent holder of "Head-no-matic", the draught beer machine that guarantee 100% headless beer. Henry is a member of the International Spring Roll Sommelier Guild and the Chairman of its Hong Kong Chapter. Henry races supermarket cart and he is a four-time champion of the Super Park N' Shop Tournament (1997, 1998, 2000, 2003).

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Icarus W. 古老的神話變得無稽,權威的話語也覺無聊。於是,出現了一個又一個的現代故事,作為我們選擇和判斷的依據。讓我說些較少見的版本。

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monKey is a 12 yr old rainbow pygmy elephant who only speaks dinosaur. At birth, her parents often confused her with the primate species due to her inexplicable nature to use her trunk to swing from vines wherever she went. In her off time, You can find her building tree houses in her homeland, or chillin at the local village elephant rave party. She currently spends her village time at her favourite watering hole (aka Libertines), pondering the inevitable degradation of the human species along with the global benefits of glitter and other very important things...! RAWR!

As a child, Wes was inspired by Public Enemy to become a hip hop activist and media assassin. Finding it difficult to find work in the media assassination field, he decided to go to graduate school and study political science. After graduate school, the economy in Wes's native United States collapsed, so he immigrated to the land of opportunity, Asia. In HK, he helps send unsuspecting young Chinese students to the US, where they pay thousands of dollars to study business from the people who keep borrowing money from China.

Email: wesmcl at libertines.hk 

William Tam is currently studying philosophy in the States. Few activities promise us as much relief as writing. In a world where the virtue of herd instinct is praised, when we harbour a confused wish whether we can be writers who can change minds and fill lives, our peers remind us of the scarcity of great minds. We are compelled to admit the fact that we cannot be pioneers of hitherto unfathomable truths. He wishes to suggest the otherwise. And that is why he is sticking to this weird habit called writing.

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