Philosophía - If you are looking for some seriousness yet entertaining, you should check out this blog by our own Willie.

Reverse Immigration - Metaphorical travel diaries and unsubstantiated social commentary. From the USA to HK. By our own Wesmcl.

Miss Fong in Hong Kong - A quirky, fun and sometimes bizarre account of life in Hong Kong from a self-proclaimed goofy gal.

Henry's Dictionary of Things - Long suspended side-project by Henry. Usually, editing of dictionaries takes centuries to complete.

Start My Day - Wonder where we got all the information from? Start your day with this site by the awesome TDS Media.

飛人生活 (Daveed on the Trapeze) - A blog by a Chinese-Briton. Daveed is our honorary guest post contributor.

Big Lychee, Various Sectors - One of a few worth reading expat blogs for locals. - The Libertines Pub of local corporate governance; only better. Bosses, Mr Webb is watching you...

Hong Kong Blogs Review - "Libertines Pub - drop by and have a drink, Libertines Pub is one exceptional blog." they said. Good site to learn about good blogs in this Village.

Hong Wrong - A mix of serious observation and irreverent claptrap. Chronicling the good, bad & ugly under the Fragrant Harbour's fading lights.

冥頑不靈 - The girl in the states who loves us. We love her back. She writes some good shits, anyway.

Glo's New Deep - A pole diva who writes with an attitude.

香港仔公國 - The popular local blogger who is open minded enough to support some of our contents. His "Now Reading" section alone is worthy of attention.

Others who hate us but we still love them (for the hell of it):

MO’s notebook 3 to 4 - An instant IP checker. Just post the comment "Martin Oei is an assface" or simply try to disagree with him on anything, you will have your IP address published instantly. Don't worry, nothing's gonna happened though; we tried.

袁彌明 Erica's blog - She is healthily sexy. Chrissie Chau is grossly stupid and pornographic. She thinks.