A list of words appeared in the Libertines Pub that will melt your brain.

Apple Daily: One of the best selling newspapers in this High Tech Village. Role model and an authoritative news source of the Pub. See also Newspaper.

ASW: Attention Seeking Whore. Studies showed that all contributors of the Pub belong to this set.

Basic Law: Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The little constitution of the High Tech Village. Stipulated the rights and duties of the Village under the "One Country, Two Systems" principle. Constitutional document that can be liberally interpreted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. See also One Country, Two Systems.

CCTVB: The TV channel in this Village that broadcasts whatever crap they desire and will still be watched by millions.

Democracy: A dream. In the name of democracy, you can do whatever you want in this Village.

Free Beer: The thing you get (tomorrow) for reading the Pub .

Free Tabloid: The free thing Villagers get every morning for news. See also Newspaper, Propaganda.

Hypocrisy: A common attribute of High Tech Villagers.

High Tech Village: Hong Kong. The city has the most advanced technological infrastructure. With a literacy rate of 94.6%, this Village can be surprisingly conservative and superstitious.

Internet: A serious business. No joke.

LegCo: Legislative Council. The place for banana throwing, ranting, and Facebooking. Members get paid HK$60,000+ monthly for nothing.

Lion Rock Institute: Who cares?

Motherland: That country we all love.

Nerd Rage: As Internet is serious fucking business, nerd rage is the last resort against trolls. See also Troll, Trolling.

Newspaper: The thing Villagers buy to let their dogs pee on it. See also Free Tabloid.

"No at the moment": The most frequently used phrase by our contributors upon replying to our editor's emails, IMs, SMSs, etc. Effectively stop the editor from asking further or lower the editor's expectation on post contribution.

One Country, Two Systems: A lie.

Privacy: Non-existent in this Village.

Propaganda: News of this High Tech Village. See also Newspaper, Free Tabloid.

Troll: Henry C. and Eric W.

Trolling: One of the most effective blog promotion campaigns.