About the Pub

At the Libertines Pub, Hong Kong, you're invited to think otherwise. We are a bunch of rascals who got fed up with the herd mentality and would like to see you having the courage to think for yourself. Our sole objective is the liberation of your thinking through provocative, sometimes irritating, ridicule.

We had a weekly Truth and Light watch that brings you the latest stupidity of our Society for Truth and Light. We've been ranting about the drug tests. We even provided you with our survival tips on that. We're Apple Daily haters. We also poked at CCTVB. We worried about the marginalisation of sex workers and the girls involved in compensated dating. We're Chrissie Chau lovers, so we tried to flame Erica Yuen. We declared war against hypocrisy, defended our privacy and private life. We also have this "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" series where we took the piss out of a few Legco members from Starry Lee to Tanya Chan.

Those are some of the shits we went after. We never intend to be serious. We make fun of people and we almost always find ourselves standing on the other side. That's why we called ourselves libertines. We just think that people can always think a bit otherwise and have fun with that.

Haters and lovers, have fun here and come back for more!

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"Instead of looking in from outside, in a sense, LIBERTINES PUB, by three native bloggers, tells the outsiders and others what is going on inside from within."

"...they speak the native language and are part of HK's social fabric."

"The bloggers write with gusto and enthusiasm; they write with the eyes and ears of a guide who has intimate knowledge of the terrain he covers."

"Hong Kong Blogs Review recommends LIBERTINES PUB...read this blog, get the news and information from the insiders directly -- no intermediary is needed."

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