26 March 2012

Hail our new Village Mayor

For days, Villagers have been puzzling over the popularity of CY Leung. While seeing a flood of "fuck no!!!" and "End of Hong Kong!" on one's Facebook wall and Twitter feed after Leung claimed the mayorship on Sunday, we're however told that our new mayor is the most popular among the three candidates at around 30 something percent approval rating. HKU's pollster Robert Chung carried out a civil referendum before the Election Committee Election of the Mayor what the fuck is that? on Sunday and managed to get about 230 thousands clueless Villagers to come out and "vote". Having 55% of these muppets casting a blank vote and only 17.8% support for CY Leung doesn't really help our understanding of the situation at all.

Libertines Pub came up with a method to measure the approval rating of our new mayor which is scientific but dead simple:

689 / 7,103,700
= 0.000096991
= 0.0096991%

So our new mayor's approval rating is 0.0096991%. End of the story. Hail our new mayor!    

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