01 February 2012

Libertines Pub's must-go event for February 2012: Social Media Week Hong Kong

I cannot believe I missed this for last year. I punched myself in the balls 9,000 times after I'd discovered there's something called Social Media Week. As a social media guru who's been tweeting since there was Apple II and one of the co-founders of thefacebook.com before Justin Timberlake drugged my homie Mark on dropping the "the", how is it possible for me to not be involved in this shit? Seriously!

I know, because I know the rocket science of making the font size of words on this site consistent, but the Hong Kong Social Media Week doesn't. Just scroll down this Host Committee page and see what they did with the profile of Mr Casey Lau, my fellow esteemed social media guru, digital entrepreneur, in demand speaker, prolific writer, Olympic Tug of War gold medalist. What they did to his profile is an absolute blasphemy. Why the hell do they need to make the passage reporting him being voted as "one of Hong Kong’s Most Interesting People by HK Magazine" smaller? This IS a big deal to be selected by the most authoritative magazine in this Village, isn't it? And Mr Lau is that prestige because he is the honourable host of the climax of the Social Media Week 2012; all you amateur photographers out there can basically go fuck yourself and have your expensive DSLRs Leica M9 Fuji X100 shoved right up your ass after attending this most important session of the SMW2012, which Libertines Pub highly recommends:

Getting Social with Smartphone Photography

I personally selected my favourite photos of these professional photographers I've been faithfully following for years below. You know you will definitely attend the session, and drag your grandma there too, after seeing all these stunning images by:

Tyson Wheatley: an editor at CNN.com (Oh, he meant the blog), Mr Wheatley enjoys shooting:

and IFC
Jason Tse: if you don't follow Mr Tse, you probably are eating shit on a daily basis. Mr Tse is the most followed food blogger in this Village and he shoots:

"A piece of history and culture"
and his own feet
Rita S.: Another food aficionado you ought to follow instead of those hopeless Openrice reviewers. She can be very innovative when it's down to smartphone photography. My favourites are:

Central Invasion
And more food
Lester Lim: I couldn't find his smartphone photos anywhere on the interwebs, but he must be good. He's an ibanker-turned-photographer, FFS! We all know ibankers are just second to Chuck Norris.

So for $150 you can meet all these pros. What're you waiting for? I tell you it can actually cost you $15,000 per head, if there're not these exceptionally benevolent people aiming at opening up "conversation about social media in Asia Pacific, with a focus on Hong Kong and China, through a series of creative events that connect brands, marketers, media, and the public unique venues across the city".

And you probably should never miss all the other sessions of the SMW. They're almost like humanitarian aid to you social media fags out there. For just $150, somebody will teach sell you how to write facebook apps that is a top secret rocket science. For $225, you get to know the world’s largest referral based networking organisation and have a breakfast in Soho! If you want to learn the real meaning behind buzzwords like "word of mouth networking", or if you simply want to do a buzzword bingo for the hell of it, go there! I'm splashing out my red pocket money on all the paid sessions; see you there!


  1. LOL.

    Cool, basically a workshop on how to be a pretentious wanker.

  2. Posted by Henry Cat. Your font sizing isn't much better. But I guess it's Blogger's fault.

    When they did the copy and paste thing, they copied the html tags from different sources with different tags for different fonts and sizes. Being lazy and stupid, they didn't remove or correct the offending tags. That's my guess.

  3. i am planing to start Plant a tree campaign on Earth day 2019 in my area. And i must say your article helped me a lot. Totally Loved your Blog. Keep up the good work.


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