15 August 2011

Kudos to our seafood police! Of course also to SCMP...

The Hi-Tech Village starts this week off again with exciting news like the upcoming Mayor "election" that every single sane person here gives a fuck about, so the SCMP decided to give us something different this morning: the story about how our brave coppers busted HK$5.64 million worth of seafood smuggled to motherland first half of this year. This headline breaking news is supplemented by another enlightening story telling us that "Marine chases dangerous, police say".

To honour our fearless boys in blue, what's better than featuring a portrait of their seafood loving faces on the homepage of the SCMP site?

Thank you, officers! You saved our seafood from the all-evil motherland! By the way, any news from the investigation on the infamous Marine Police Seafood Feast back in 2009?