07 July 2011

Apple Daily Juxtaposition FAIL! Or WIN?!

Last night, when I was busy leveling my character on World of Warcraft, Icarus asked me the most awkward kind of questions you can get in-game: "Hey, is Jiang Zemin dead?" Upon hearing that senseless important question in the midst of a fight realer than anything in the motherland, I almost stopped throwing heals on Icarus and let the mobs fucking rape him. But Icarus had his point. The rumors are so real because ATV, the pro-Beijing TV channel that nobody watches in this village, had the nerves to report that last night. Worrying so much about the motherland's dearly beloved former president, I have been keeping an eye on the update, but till now we still have no clue. After a whole sleepless night and prayer after prayer wishing Comrade Jiang well, I dragged myself out of bed this morning heavy-headed to find the below on the headline of the most trusted paper in this village:

Now that is clearer. Long live Comrade Jiang!!!

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