03 May 2011

Our ball-less Apple Daily

Earlier today we reported on the new 2012 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama; as a friendly gesture to our media partner Apple Daily, we linked to their exclusive footage of the Bin Laden kill, the first ever video clip on earth as it was uploaded yesterday May 2 at 10:54pm.

We checked again tonight and found the footage gone from Apple Daily's site.

Why? Because they chickened out. The great Apple Daily chickened out because the CG video they made was offensive.

Apple Daily needs to realise for once that there is a thing greater than their balls: the interwebs. We found a copy of the original fucktard CG clip on YouTube. Mind you again, it is offensive.

Jimmy Lai, ready for the revenge from Al-Qaeda?

However, we know the game. Little Jimmy is going to ask YouTube to remove the clip by claiming an infringement of copyright. Let's see when the clip will be removed. Is Jimmy or Al-Qaeda faster this time?

Update on May 4:

Jimmy, told you the interwebs is greater than your balls. Yet another source of your fucktard CG video we found here. A bit tricky for you this time, I guess?

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