27 April 2011

54pc think news media self-censors as credibility rating falls, survey finds (and read it twice)

Talking about media credibility...

It might not have much to do with self-censorship but the general stupidity of our media. Although this e-newsletter is free, the links in there take you to the pay wall. As a paid subscriber (out of a stupid mistake) of SCMP I guess I have the right to rant.

I know I'm a cynical cunt...

21 April 2011

Motherland Travel Alert; Libertines Pub Travel Alert for Motherlanders

We know you're not working at all today. You simply can't wait for the Easter long weekend.

You must all have planned to spend your whole Easter praying to God visiting the Motherland. The bad news, however, is that Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group issued travel warnings for the whole Motherland, as we're told by SCMP (hit the paywall hard with this link):

So now you can drop your trip up North, or well, simply shut the fuck up and you will be absolutely fine.

The Libertines Pub always care about our sisters and brothers from Motherland. Likewise, we officially issue our travel alert for motherlanders today (if they managed to get to our site at all from Motherland):

Happy Easter!

20 April 2011

Please kindly please kindly please kindly

Thanks Cenny. I only read the whole thing thrice to understand what it said. I was so flattered at being invited to a visit to the HKU library.

It's also very KIND of you to be KIND within every ten words you wrote.

By the way, happy April 20! Some lame flashback of the Libertines Pub Drug Week last year.