07 March 2011

What should I do with that $6000?

Do you remember not long ago, our Financial Secretary appeared on TV and called for ideas on how to prepare the Budget? Well, I never see Steve Jobs, aka the Holy God of Geeks, advertise himself on TV, asking us for ideas on how to prepare iPad 2. It’s not our job to know what we want (except in the bedroom department of course) because someone, like John Tsang, is supposed to be paid to do it.

Even we were willing to pay John Tsang and the advertiser and sacrifice our ideas, our dear John was still able to come up with lousy proposals, which a sensible human is incapable of conceiving. Injecting $6000 into my MPF account to combat inflation? Even my high-school level of Economics can tell it’s rubbish. No need to bother the political scientists and financial analysts.

So after some outcry about John’s original masterpiece, he finally bowed to pressure from all sides of the city and decided to hand out $6000 cash instead. The second I heard about it I jumped from my seat in my tiny cubicle and cried, “hurray! At least I can go Yum Cha!!!”

What a cheap date I am. Soon I felt embarrassed by my humble idea of indulgence. I should think BIG!

I should treat Mom a dinner! But Mom gets that $6000 too plus she’s subsidised by Dad and doesn’t have recurrent wardrobe expenditure. Um…

I should go for a trip! But many Villagers here will think the same and Thailand, Korea and Japan will soon be flooded by my fellow tourists. So not refreshing!

I should enjoy fine-dining at some Michelin-star restaurant! But molecular gastronomy is so not my thing. I’ll be fine with just tomatoes and spaghetti.

iPad 2 is up and coming right? I must grab one. But its price has been doubled before it arrives in Hong Kong. I don’t want to spend more than my cash prize, or I may become bankrupt like most lottery winners.

What about a Prada bag? But you need to queue for hours with those mainlanders who are so ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars in the shop. Besides, whom do you expect to serve you? $6000 will only get you a key bag.

Well, I shouldn’t be such a consumerist. I should invest in my future right? Maybe I should buy shares from some China bank which I know nothing about. Ever learnt from our financial disaster three years ago? My forgetfulness is embarrassing me already.

In the end, I figured I don’t need that $6000 at all and decided to do nothing. John is simply unable to give me what I need, i.e. a decent living place to have decent amount of sex and stable price of tomatoes. Thanks for nothing, John.

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  1. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!


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