02 March 2011

Ouch! There goes our Village Mayor

The TVB late news starting at 11pm every evening usually winds me down very well, or should I say, the TVB news is actually a powerful tranquilliser, as we know nothing really happens in this dull Village. But last night, when I sat on the sofa staring into the vacuum of the news programme, something somewhat interesting happened. And this morning it's all over the Village, and our beloved Apple Daily had it best; it reads:
Last night, a 66-year-old man reported a chest pain and was taken to the Queen Mary Hospital for medical examination. The injury was found to be superficial. The man named Tsang Yam-kuen and he is Chief Executive of Hong Kong...
This introductory passage of the news is one of the best lines written by Apple Daily and is certainly Pulitzer Prize stuff. Anyway, as our coppers already got their hands on the case, the Pub decided that we would withheld our judgement on the case. If you're really interested in a detailed analysis of what happened, read this tl;dr informative blogpost by our fellow basement dwelling LSD bandwagon investigative journalist-blogger.

However, I did have a question that puzzled me all night after watching the news last night. TVB reported that the 66-year-old man who visited the Accident & Emergency Department in Queen Mary had only stayed for 30 minutes. Now, I don't know if our readers have been to any A&E in this Village before; I had. Last time my friend hurt his lower back and was temporarily paralysed from the waist down. His girlfriend called an ambulance as there was simply no way for her to help this 6-foot, 170lbs+ man up. He was taken to the A&E at around 2pm. According to the triage system of our local hospital, his case was determined semi-urgent. Not until 6pm did he get his X-ray. And around 7pm he was sent to a ward. Mind you again, he was temporarily paralysed from the waist down.

Last night, however, that 66-year-old man who was mildly and superficially "injured" got his medical examination, X-ray, cardiogram, and prescription; also, instructions were given to the head of the Queen Mary A&E on what he should say to the media, all within 30 minutes.

The Libertines Pub sincerely wishes our Village Mayor well, my ass.


  1. Donald Tsang could have been having a heart attack, which is a life-threatening condition. Your friend likely only had injury to the spine, which is serious but hardly life-threatening. Yes Tsang got some preferential treatment but even if he were an ordinary guy he would have been seen first.

  2. men how can you read that??? with all the many language you chose Chinese? men not all of us can read something so complicate as Chinese!!!


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