28 January 2011

Sex and the Market

I am not here to share with you the market outlook of prostitution or how that industry actually contributed to the GDP of the Village. The Chinese New Year is coming to town, so does the Flower Market. Like all the other misnomers here, the Flower Market isn't only selling flower. The newspaper report told us you can also find a pair of air-blow big tits and 1:1 Chrissie Chau cushion. And most importantly, if you spend enough at the booth, you are eligible to enjoy a 5-min preview of a Cat. 3 movie in 3D.

In this pseudo-open society, some might find it interesting, but more find it annoying and they need to get rid of it. The FEHD, organiser of the Flower Market, said due to cow crowd control reason, playing of movie will be banned. They even warned us about closing down the booth. Anything related to sex in the public is something very important to the parents in the Village. They couldn't even help themselves to mention the word "SEX" in front of their children, but openly and happily gossip about which actress is dating and having SEX staying overnight with which Millionaire(s). The reporter interviewed the Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation Professor WONG Po-choi. What is interesting here is that Home always comes first, because the parents "pay" for the service from School. Anyway, Prof. Wong said the public screening and selling of sex related merchandise is walking a fine line of morality and it's difficult for parents to explain to their children when they encounter that. He condemned the merchants for trying whatever means to profit.

Following the Home-School "cooperation" principle, Prof. Wong cooperated and suggested the FEHD to confine an area for 18+ only. Don't be surprised! In this Village, the education and protection of children are always a duty of the gov't, and the parents' role is solely to suggest, blame, and condemn because they have paid for.

This is not incomprehensible with a Red mind, of course. When all properties are public, children are public, even your wife or husband are public. The Village is one step closer to our Motherland while the Motherland is million steps closer to the world.


  1. It's up to the government to impose regulations on the industry.

  2. Wow! I'm so surprised that the Chinese industry is doing things like these, I mean selling air-blow big tits I know that men like that but it shouldn't be sold in all the markets.


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