29 November 2010

Why be snobby?

Recently, I came across a rather vile personality that came in an appropriately vile package. This person puzzled me so much by her bitchy behaviour that I was left wondering why people are the way they are.

I tend to believe that you can tell a lot about a person by the things they do and say, so that it's quite easy to see through a person even if their mouths are saying otherwise. For example, bullies need to push others down to feel good about themselves, fat people use humour to compensate for their large sizes, and extremely vain women use a lot of makeup and products because they are insecure about their looks, etc.

But the person I met, who was lacking quite a lot in the looks department I'm afraid, did not try to make up for her poor appearance by being nice or funny. Instead, she was bitchy, rude, negative and whiny. And not just that, it seemed like she had a personal hatred aimed directly at me, for whatever reason I have no idea.

Still, I just don't understand why people would choose to be mean or snobby as opposed to nice and friendly. As a fair person, I don't mind if this attitude comes in a nice package (ie. hot hunk or sexy babe), but if you're a fat, tattooed and pimpled troll with sloppy cleavage hanging out of what looks like a thrift store floral dress... just save it, would ya?

Read all the fun stuff at Miss Fong in Hong Kong.


  1. probably jealous that you're better looking.

  2. you must be hot

  3. i not like that way you talking about me

  4. What a load of mind numbing, self gratifying tripe. I would offer more helpful critique but the sheer volume of hypocrisy and stupidity is just too overwhelming.


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