08 November 2010

Please give me a prison break, would you?

One night I was watching a new Government ad whose ending is so familiar that I thought it was a re-run of the old ones.

Employees' Compensation Insurance Protects Employees and Employers

So I searched the website of the government’s mouthpiece and happened to find its many brothers.

Penalty on wage offences

No flytipping

Anti-illicit Cigarettes

Oh yeah. Whenever our Government wants to warn us about what is illegal, they think showing us an actor turning into an inmate is frightening enough. And this thinking happened to sweep across different departments in our Village. They are so confident of this brainwashing that they keep repeating it all the time. Fact is, we grew numb to such drama already and treat it as a washroom break in between our favourite TV series.

I just wonder, do they outsource their marketing tasks to the same uncreative advertising agency because it’s cheap enough? Or they, as clients, keep killing their contractors’ creativity because they want their ads to be as literal (reads boring) as possible?

I never blame our TV channels for their lack of ground-breaking works because they’re free and mainly for people of no other entertainment choice (i.e. children and desperate housewives). But for government ads, I pay my tax money for them. Don’t I deserve some value for money?

I miss the Lap Sap Chung (Litter Bug) in our old Clean Hong Kong government ad.
It appeared belore Shrek and Monster Inc. So original!


  1. Creativity doesn't exist in Hong Kong, not in a paid job anyway.

  2. that reminds me of the paid DJs in town, they play the same pop songs across the clubs even pop is not their own style.

  3. I love Lap Sap Chung. But why does he have his naughty bit backwards ... Never mind, it's his tail ... Or I am not sure actually.

  4. Ah huh, very funny. I wish the hornier sex on Earth would stop viewing everyone as if they were naked.


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