14 October 2010

What do we care?

Yesterday, instead of chatting nonsense with Henry on msn or clearing the mounting paperwork on my desk, I was busy watching the rescue of Chilean miners on my computer screen, fighting back tears to keep my makeup in place.

I didn’t even care about whether Bow Tie is going to help me secure a flat in his Policy Address, nor whether Big Beijing will resume its tie with Japan. They immedidately became irrelevent.

I was obsessed with the names and individual stories of each of the 33 miners, trapped underground for more than two months. I was looking forward to each face emerging from the rescue capsule, its simile and kissing to its owner’s woman, then children and relatives.

Because it’s all about the survival of unfortunate individuals and caring the world about it is all about humanity.

If the miners had been born in our Motherland, they would be buried alive like nobody. Reports and images of rescue attempt and grieving relatives would be brutally restricted by the authority. Instead of being overwhelmed with joy of seeing the miners alive, I would grew numb to another appeal for donations to help the widows and orphans.

So when I tried to read the local newspapers and saw nothing about the rescue on the front page, not like their counterparts from the US and the UK, I was devastated. Do we actually shut ourselves up from the outside world and just care about ourselves and celebrity gossips? The whole world is watching somewhere else. The horizons of our villagers’ mind is driving me insane.


  1. why care lah? got enough thing to worry about in hong kong politic!

  2. smell from the landfill site you mean? i saw people cheering outside legco yesterday evening lor!

  3. The news was covered in today's Apple Daily, for your info.

  4. Read Apple Daily for all the top news stories!

  5. Thanks for the info. I know it's the top story on Taiwan's Apple Daily.

  6. It's also on SCMP. One of feature stories online at least, didn't see the print - http://j.mp/brTc6U

  7. The Standard dedicated a double page spread to it today.

  8. Thanks readers. I forgot to clarify that what I referred to are mostly local Chinese newspapers. Though they covered the story, they didn't make it on the front page. I read SCMP on weekdays (and Apple Daily on Sunday morning as leisure)and noticed they put it on front page too.

    What I was trying to say is, other countries have their political issues to solve too, but that day, people valued humanity most, except our dear villagers.

    So I think local media's editing sense is quite obsolete (put local news first, care little about the other side of the world), forgetting that the world is getting smaller in this Web 2.0 age.


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