05 October 2010

Things I Hate about Central

After two years of working in Central, my colleague suddenly told me, “I don’t fancy working in Central. It’s such a pretentious place!”

I have been blinded by my vanity of being a Central OL (my first job was in Kwun Tong industrial district, one of the poorest areas in Hong Kong) that I never thought of criticizing our CBD. Now I come up with the following grievances.

Many gentleman here (most believed to be bankers) are too conscious of themselves. They seem to have rehearsed their body language just because winners are supposed to behave this way. I especially don’t like the way they turn their heads back and forth, left and right a thousand times whenever they’re queuing, waiting or chatting with someone else. Is it a gesture to spot out their business partners right away or is it just subtle ogling? I find it pretty annoying especially when I’m waiting behind them. Won’t they just look at the front?

I hate shopping at beauty counters in Central as well. The salespeople are only warm to customers who speak in Putonghua or some tai tais who can no longer turn back the clock but are very willing to spend in the hope of doing so. If you speak Cantonese and can only afford a $720 jar of moisture cream, you can never make it to the cashier as the staff is always busy with someone more valued.
Food is a hundred times more expensive in Central. I’m not talking about luxurious food like foie gras or white truffles. I’m just talking about humble food like bread. It is usually served cold in the baskets and tastes like cardboard. However, it is sold 3 to 10 times more expensive than fresh bread from bakeries elsewhere, just because the bread is labeled “organic” or “whole grain”. Does it make Central people do better in the economy?

There are also mysterious people lurking around, asking for money. The Lehman Brothers victims (they ask the banks, not me), orange monks, grey nuns, street artists and worst of all, the charities. Most of the charity people pressured you into donating when you are about to cross the road. They make you look bad in the street when you refuse. Some are young chaps who try very hard to charm you into donating (“Don’t you think you should at least say hello to me?”). I reject them not because I’m particularly cold-blooded, but because I don’t know anything about the organizations they’re representing. Besides, I donate through PayPal.

Sometimes, I wonder if Central represents the values all Hongkies should go for or its value system has already been isolated from that of the Hongkies. The lack of sense of belongings often bothers my heart.


  1. you sound like you're too poor to be in central LOLOL

  2. quit your job and work as a prostitute in wan chai

  3. then i wont be one of the Central people?

    no worry about my living. i do the more subtle thing in LKF, in the hope of finding the ultimate Mr. Richie.


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