29 September 2010

Why do we need New Territories?

The King of the New Territories is on the newspaper again. The Honourable LAU Wong-fat GBM, GBS, JP blah blah blah, is the Chairman of Heung Yee Kuk, a consultation body of Villages, Indigenous Inhabitant, etc etc. He is also the Non-official member of the Executive Council.

The report said that Lau failed to declare transactions of properties to the Council. Such transactions had been signed just before the government announced the policy to suppress the property market. Lau earned some cash from the deal for sure. As expected, the government didn't say much. This reminds us of the scandal of our ex-Financial Secretary Antony Leung. Comparing to Leung, Lau's failure is definitely more serious. Let's see what the government will do about it this time.

The most puzzling part of this news is why we need Lau in the Council in the first place. Why those Indigenous Inhabitants in NT are "more equal" than those who have also inhabited in Kowloon and HK Island for centuries? I know I know, it's a historical issue that can't be solved in short term and their rights are written on the Basic Law too. As our Village developers grows mightier, there will surely be more confrontations with the NT people. Shall we need Lau in the Council to help balance the power or shall we start dealing with the problem itself here?

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