01 September 2010

Website fails in the time of war.

One of the many danger this aurthor faces daily.
Greetings and Salutations!

Yes, Eric W is back, back to lower the general quality of posts at the Pub and to make your Thursday feels even longer than your Friday.

Where have I been? Well peep, after buying the franchising right for The Libertines Pubs from Henry for a pack of Double Happiness and 2 cans of Tetley's (Some say I won it in a game of Texas Hold 'em, but I'm not that good at cards, honestly) I set out to one of the World tensest war zone in search of inspiration, in order to bring you, yes YOU! Our pub readers some good old fashion blog journalism beyond our village. So lo and behold ladies and gentlemen, war correspondent Eric and Libertines Pub, Korea is here.

Well not quiet...here yet, but close...

You see, in the war zone as a foreigner, in order to do anything here, I will need to apply for a thing call Alien Registration Card and get a foreigner registration number, because my passport is most def not enough to prove that I'm not a spy of 'Whose name I must not say or type'. So anyway, in order to fulfill my destiny of laying Libertines root here in the war zone, I sat myself down, and look for ways to apply for my Alien Registration Card and my foreigner registration number.
  • I opened my Chrome browser and went to the Korean Immigration website (Hi Google! let's get evil together!! Sponser Libertines Pub, Korea!)
Huh? Nothing fucking works!! Apparently this war zone is an extremely IE friendly environment. Oh well nevermind, I.E it is.
  • I opened my Chrome Internet Explorer and realize there's cobweb and dust all over it.
  • I clicked reservation in order to save time and not suffer. (Honesty is the best) ;
  • A page full of moonspeak appears! Means time to call a Korean Friend and ask for advise.
According to my trusty Korean friend, I was at the wrong website! Silly me. Let's try again shall we?
  • I open my Internet Explorer and go to THIS website which takes care of foreign ass hurt like me.
  • You wanna install what? Oh ok, what's the worst that can happen.

  • I clicked online reservation; List of Applications at the bottom.
  • Aha. A list of applications, I searched and clicked at foreigner registration, thing are looking good!

Took me to another page..ok the green apply button, apply! GO GO GO!!!

POPUP!!!!!!!11 Awww. I needa log in? Sign up? Ok Awrite. I will sign up, just hurry up already.
Once I clicked OK on that last screen, the website took me to the Login in/Sign up screen, I clicked sign up.
  • Blah Blah Blah I have read and accept the user agreement and privacy policy. Click 'Foreigner' go!
At the sign up page, I see this:

Hi, did I mention I'm applying for a Foreigner Registration number and Alien registration card? How am I suppose to give you my Foreigner number when I er. don't have one yet???


  1. Eric,

    Glad to hear of your adventures in Korea. I'm surprised their online application system is as bad as you've experienced. Maybe it's not just Red China which have crap, un-thought-through systems.

  2. You're just spoiled from living in HK, where shit actually works. That's just not how the rest of the world operates my friend. When I first got to the Village, I was blown away by how easy and efficient all the "foreigner" paperwork was. Even when I screwed things up, like by coming on the wrong day, it was still no problem. Got my HK-ID way easier than a driver's license in the States. I just got back from your beloved Motherland, where I was constantly reminded of how fucked up and difficult being a foreigner is supposed to be.

  3. Oh, I thought Seoul's e-Government is the top of the world. Finally I got statistics to support my argument.

    Thanks Wes for reminding us. That makes me want to visit Tibet because I have a Home Return Permit. There will be a million obstacles for Americans to get in.

  4. Getting shit to work electronically ... it's a tough job. Of course, I don't think the government actually writes any of this, they outsource it ... to people who apparently do not know what they are doing.

    None of this would happen if they just stuck to the lowest common denominator that will work for everybody. If people simply wrote code that didn't rely on a particular browser ... if they didn't assume Flash was installed, ... if they didn't assume Windows ... I think the worst thing about dealing with the government electronically is you can't say "fuck this, I'm going to a competitor.". There've been many times when I tried to deal with my local government departments electronically and all they did was kick me in the nuts.

  5. Yep, definitely spoiled by the efficiency of our village government, I remember how I almost popped a vein when I visited one of Los Angeles's infamous DMV. Kicked in the nuts? My nuts were turned into dust.

    One of the problem when the Kr gov out source their website and stuff, a lot of the time I thing they outsourced it to local firms(which are excellent apart from a few blunders); One famous example:
    So which year is it? 10 or 12?


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