24 September 2010

Moon Festival, we have that too, u know.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

More ground-breaking (not) war-zone reporting from your war correspondent.
Did you know we have Mid Autumn Fest here in the war-zone too? Yes yes of course the Korean do! But they prefer to call it the Chuseok (추석) or you can call it Korean Thanksgiving if you are a retared foreigner. The lovely people here in the war-zone, being proud of their tradition, would tell you that it's a Korean festival not originated from the Chinese, but hey, I know how much they like to set themselves as far away from the Chinese as they can, so let's not argue.

Now it wouldn't be a festival without some festive food. While y'all stuff your faces with rebellious moon cakes, with 20 egg yokes inside. Here in the war-zone we all have a much healthier (a lot more boring) vision of festival food. Ladies and Gentleman, meet Songpyeon (송편), yeah, much like every other festival food here in the war zone Songpyeong is made out of glutinous rice. (They sure love their glutinous rice here, B-day, New year, wedding, etc, all glutinous rice cakes) ; Just like moon cakes, it's eaten during Mid Autumn Fest, oh I'm sorry, I meant Chuseok. My bad.

Which Festival is better?
Let's compare!!

Festival Food:
over 9000 calories of delicousness
Great...More rice cake. T.T

No comparison, Mid-Autumn wins this round.

Festival Activities:
Soul Trainnn

Normally, the combination of setting things on fire wax burning and carrying a lantern around (lame i know) would be my prefer choice, but ever since some retarded kids burned their faces off playing wax (thanks a lot, u jerks), burning wax in public is now as legal as smoking a bowl of weed in public and carrying a lantern itself is just plan lame. So I'm gonna go with Ganggangsullae, some kind of weird dance only involve women. Dance + Women = Always gets my vote.
Chuseok Wins this round

Festival T.V

Yes, everyone wears that on T.V!!

While I cannot ignore the hilariousness of the Shatin show our beloved TVB held, how can I not love the Hanbok wearing cuties (Even news reporters wear the full thing!) on my screen?!
Chuseok Wins!

Festival Crowd.
Nobody crowd better than HKers
Hai? Anyone out there?

Pic left-Victoria Park, Pic right- View from my window. Of course, during Chuseok, every local person returns home, and the own people you can find in the city are drunk foreigners that don't actually celebrate Chuseok.
Mid-Autumn Wins!!!

So which holiday do I prefer?

The war-zone version of course! While you sorry ass get 1 day off from Mid-Autumn. I get 3 days off !!! RAWR, plus, the whole war zone is too hangover to work on Friday anyway, so it's effectively almost a whole week off!!! I'm off to join the drunk foreigners!!!

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