17 September 2010

Libertines Pub Friday Newscut and List of WTF Events

Villagers love their news media more than ever!
HKU Public Opinion Programme said more than 60% of our Villagers found our news media satisfactory, a record high since 1997. We don't know. More Villagers should read our rants against the media before responding.

Our Superman shows us love
If you have any idea that can show your love for this Village, you'll be granted dollars. What interested us is never this project itself; we're damn sure that it will be dull. But when Li announced this project before a dinner, he stuffed his pocket with $100 notes and hand them out to the security guards on site to thank them for their good work. It's not snobbishness, it's love; that we can be sure.

Who needs the rides in Ocean Park when you got the lifts
After all the lift accidents in Hong Kong since late 2008, we're still risking our lives everyday. All the faulty maintenance contractors and lift suppliers got were warning letters, and nothing ever changed. We recommend you to use the stairs. It's good for your health anyway. We also envisage the climbing of flat price on lower floors. Buy now.

Like Bowtie in Facebook! For the hell of it
We liked him. We need to have Donald here at the Libertines Pub drinks. We envy their happy faces there.

We don't understand WTF is "CHANDEMONIUM". We only know that the retards at the Standard know shits about headline writing and website coding. In case they finally feel the need of fixing it, the screenshot is here. It isn't all that difficult:



More drug tests, MORE!
The ass kissing Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre thinks we need more drug tests. They want them in bars and clubs. How did they conduct the survey? We don't know. What questions were asked? According to their informative presentation, they asked "Do you support authorizing the police to conduct compulsory drug test on people inside entertainment premise during police checks, given reasonable grounds?" What are reasonable grounds? We don't know, probably whatever they see fit. We only have piles of posts to tell them to STFU.

Useless, awkward, and WTF events you can't afford to miss

BarCamp Hong Kong 2010
Still on our list. They now have 500+ pretentious assholes attending. Rumour has it that the idiots from TDS will have breakfast together in a McDonald's around the corner. Go murder them.

Greenpeace Carfree Day 2010
You know you ought to participate, if you live close enough to your office like Bowtie. Take a bus to work if you're not that lucky, as the buses in this Village are the cleanest possible ones you can get on earth. Or simply call in and tell your boss you're not going back as it's Carfree that day.

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