10 September 2010

Libertines Pub Friday Newscut and List of WTF Events

False qualification for 200+ domestic pilots in Motherland
This is probably no news for our Motherland. It's ok, at least some of them are retired fighter pilots; they know how to eject themselves upon danger.

Rosemary arrested for drug possession in Nevada
Rosemary who?

Flying mooncake hurts

Woman got hit by a flying mooncake. A fucked up umbrella and an intact mooncake. We're not surprised the mooncake got fucking thrown away.

The useless row over "sub-sovereignty" finally ended
Who fucking cares really? Donald got pwned and that's it. Arguing in newspaper columns is like running in the Special Olympics.

Finally, coppers pwned firemen this time

When you see someone drowning, what do you do? Fire Department protocol: point a Maglite at the body and hope that it's a corpse. Police Force protocol: fucking jump into the water and save a life.

Useless, awkward, and WTF events you can't afford to miss

BarCamp Hong Kong 2010
Where you can meet all the entrepreneurs who work hard in contributing to the local economy and sustainable economic development of this village. They develop useful applications and games that benefit the society at large.

Confession of a past paparazzi

He was one of the most sought after paparazzi. Not knowing how to deal with his success, he started smoking, getting high, swearing, drinking, and getting laid like everybody else does. Fortunately, he found God and became a better person.

TFIF! Get pissed drunk, peeps!

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