08 September 2010

John Tsang got pwned in Taiwan, and he needs to brag about it in his own blog

John Tsang, our Village's Financial Secretary, also one of the possible contestants for the Village's next mayorship race, visited that island-our-Motherland-long-lost last week and got pwned like a noob. John's pwnage has been followed and examined closely by every media, even the fictitious Standard ass-kisser Mary Ma had to have a go on bashing the pointless trip. Our fellas from TDS saw the seriousness of this embarrassment, and they officially released their own travel alert system for our Village officials last week.

We didn't really want to repeat what had happened to John here. We all probably knew, John has only got a last minute meeting cancellation by the chief of Taiwanese Executive Yuan, a lecture on how expensive it is to operate business in this Village, and was forced to listen to Donald Tsang, Please Die.

We thought that John and the government of this Village would just try their best to make us forget about all these shits. But not this time. Last Sunday, a blog post by John came in my RSS reader. As you might expect, the post naturally begins with some lies about how successful the trip was, but what I found most interesting is that John actually talked about the gifts he brought for the islanders and those he got from them.

Trained in architecture, John carefully chose some pretentious tasteful gifts for our friends over that island. He bought a few teapot sets designed by our own Villager Alan Chan. Kudos to John, these fine teapot sets just go well with the fine tea of Taiwan, John dreamed. John had the nerve to tell our friends that they can make good Taiwanese tea together with these Hong Kong designed teapot sets, and our Taiwanese friends showed him a smirk smile. So a WIN from our side, I guess?

John went on talking about other gifts he brought over, and they're not very interesting. However, among all the people he met in those four days, John only mentioned about the gifts he got from Jason Hu, the obscure mayor of Taichung. Now, what fine gifts did John get in return? Some mouth watering Taiwanese pastries that you can easily get in Hong Kong and a few lame jokes from Hu.

I don't know if it's a pwnage again. I have no idea why John wanted to talk about these in his blog at all. But at least he got a shaved ice dessert half the size of a dining table. I heard it's the highest level of diplomatic courtesy Villagers can get in Taiwan.


  1. As a hardcore Counterstrike player, I love that you use the word pwnage - Yeah John Tsang got pwned alright.

  2. LOL, I got it from WoW instead.


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