02 September 2010

It's a dude...It's a chick...No, it's a tomboy!

Many years ago, I was at a Canadian ski resort when I was asked, "May I take your order, SIR?" Shocked, I suddenly realized that my self-perception of being a hot snowboarding chick was probably inaccurate. Sure, my hair was stuffed inside my toque (translation: tight-fitting winter hat) and my face might have looked a tad wind-brushed and roughed up from the runs, but I didn't think I looked THAT much like a man! Horrified, my teenage self vowed never to have people guessing my gender again (how else was I going to nab that cute guy in Chem class, right?)

On the contrary, I've noticed that in Hong Kong (and Asia), there are actually a lot of girls females who choose to dress up as men. Known as 'tomboys', some are so convincing that it usually takes a double, or even triple-take, to verify what they really are. In some cases, it's almost impossible to tell, especially when some of them bind their breasts (if any) with elastic bandages to hide their true identities.

At first, I assumed that all tomboys were butch lesbians (which made some sense to me), but then I stumbled upon this YouTube clip and discovered that some tomboys are actually straight! Apparently, being a tomboy can be a stylistic choice, one which is seen as 'handsome', 'cool' and 'trendy'.

This is all quite fascinating to me, because I'm guessing that in a conservative culture like Hong Kong, it would be utterly unacceptable for grown men (gay or straight) to cross-dress as a women on a daily basis, yet no one seems to mind that scores of women are disguising themselves as men every day.

How unfair is that? Is this because there are more perks to being a tomboy, such as:
  • Being extra rough with people in the MTR (outta my way, biatch!)
  • Bypassing annoying cosmetics sales ladies (pimples make me look more manly)
  • Watching people get confused when you first meet (what am I, you'll never guess!)
  • Skipping group trips to the ladies' room (no one would dare ask, muahaha!)
  • ...and best of all! Using the men's room (no line ups!)
Or, is there a lack of male cross-dressers in Hong Kong because it's just too damn complicated to dress up as a woman? Or because there's already too many women populating this city? OR...*whispers* are tomboys simply women who gave up on their appearances over the years...?! (Like her?)

In any case, blame my traumatic teenage experience, but you won't see Miss Fong turning into Mister Fong any time soon...

Read all the fun stuff at Miss Fong in Hong Kong.

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  1. Actually, there are lashings of male cross-dressers in Hong Kong, they are just so convincing that you'll never know!



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