12 August 2010

Would you love me without makeup?

As girls, we're taught from an early age how we should look. Of course, this includes smooth unblemished skin, long eyelashes, big round eyes, luscious lips, etc. However, as luck would have it, the only real way for most people to look this way is through makeup, and nowadays, surgery.

In Hong Kong, I heard that most, if not all public schools ban girls from wearing makeup (among other things). At first, I was shocked since in Canada, high school was the time when most girls started experimenting with makeup and defining their 'look'. I still remember the first Covergirl lipstick I bought in high school. Although it was a horrible shade of Barbie pink, I wore it over my chapped lips with pride (even though it totally clashed with my turquoise braces :D).

Apparently, the ban on makeup, specific hairstyles and various other things in school were to prevent girls from becoming too superficial. But even though girls in Hong Kong got a late start, I must say they've caught up pretty fast. Today, Hong Kong is literally a playground for those who want to change the way they look. Here's just a short list of what's now commonplace:

Single eyelids - Stick tiny pieces of tape to your eye, or better yet, cut them open!
Small eyes - Wear circle lens contacts, don't worry, you'll only go blind...
Sparse eyelashes - Put on 3 layers of fake eyelashes, or wow your friends with the latest trend: fly-leg eyelash extensions!
Thin/short/bad hair - Attach dead people's hair to your head, or put on a Halloween-ish wig
Bad skin - Clog your pores with BB Cream, or simply burn your skin off
Weak fingernails - Become a stylish witch with gel nail extensions
Small bust - Grow those boobs with Bust-up Gum, or better yet, F-Cup Cookies!
Too fat - Take heart-racing diet pills or join one of HK's many slimming salons
Stupid-looking - Put on a pair of fake glasses, the lens-less ones make you look the smartest

Since there's pretty much a 'solution' for every superficial flaw, the quest for perfection is never-ending for many. And the thing with all this is, once you start using stuff (makeup, etc.), it's usually quite hard to stop because it becomes a routine, a habit, a way that you're used to being seen. Because of this, it's usually quite hard for a woman to go back to wearing no makeup at all, at least not by choice.

I'm pretty sure there was a time when being fake was frowned upon, but men (and women, I suppose) these days don't seem to care. Of course, if it's THIS you're dealing with, I guess fake ain't so bad...but what do you think, ladies and gents, is natural beauty a thing of the past...?! Or is it enough nowadays to be an ulzzang!?

Read all the fun stuff at Miss Fong in Hong Kong.


  1. um, actually i tried them all except diet pills and fake glasses. finally i gave up most tricks because i can't wink with glue on my eyelids and can't pick up a 10-cent coin with gel nails.

    and yes, BB cream sucks.

  2. among the 16 photos, some girls look better after make-up. some don't .

    i think the sharp-eyed can tell whether a girl actually has an underlying "good" face...

    very tired of the angelababy look. totally not my cup of tea. very scary. i am only touched by the natural look and smile of former actress Cherie Chung (i am a girl)

  3. women are like stock after the age of 21 they depreciate in value. men on the other hand after the age of 21 increase in value. anonymous done by anonymous


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