24 August 2010

We are all very sad today

Everyone in the Libertines Pub are deeply saddened by the tragedy happened yesterday in Manila.

All of us are grieving. Some of us may be disturbed. Others may be angry.

While we vent our emotions, I hope we can bear two things in mind:

  1. This is not the fault of Filipino people. We don't need any racist comment here. I am not even sure the travel warning issued by the Hong Kong government as an apparent revenge was well founded in any sense.
  2. We can have a lot to say about the rescue operation. We can blame the Filipino Police for their lack of adequate training, tactics, and probably equipment. However, nobody has the right to blame those police officers at gunpoint for inaction. Considering their lack of a well thought out tactic, their seemingly inadequate equipment, and possibly also their lack of hostage rescue training, their lives are at risk. Their lives weigh categorically the same as the lives of the hostages inside the tour bus.

I don't have more to say here.


  1. Should I say that's an accident?

    Recalled my memory of a lot of similar coach gun-shooting to tourists and travellers in the past.

    Sad and very sad! Nth we can do when a man got crazy! R.I.P. and wish all ppl will recover soon!

  2. Yeah, it's funny how many Hongkongers suddenly appear to be expert in SWAT procedures.
    If the Manila police had stormed the bus earlier they would doubtless have been vilified for acting too quickly.

  3. Henry, I don't think anybody would be such a bigot to suggest that the the lives of the SWAT worth less of the hostages. If you are a surgeon, you are expected to operate on patients. If you are a SWAT team, people rightfully expect you to act like a SWAT team. If you are scared of guns, stupid crazy people, violence and death in general, don't be a cop or a SWAT team member. The question is Is the SWAT team grossly or even murderously incompetent?

  4. I was not prepared to respond to the comments of this post. But after some comments from friends and Anon here, I'd add:

    Yes, the Filipino SWAT team is incompetent. I can join you blaming the Filipino Police as an organisation for their incompetence as a whole.

    I share most of the views on how could have the SWAT team done better than that. But while watching the broadcast last evening, I do read people suggesting the cops to rush in whatever it may take.

    And lots of racist comments came up, online and in real life.

    I am not sure if they're the right things to do. I am mentally very weak and ill to argue around this shit. I'm out.

  5. One point is clear. After the gunman was shot dead, police was sluggish in approaching the bus for rescue and first aid. Hostages were bleeding and dying inside!!! What took them so long. What were the risks to them? Did they fear any bomb inside or something???

  6. Let's finger point more, coz finger pointing and witch hunting will magically bring back the dead!! The whole world saw how incompetent the police were, and every Filipino I came across were ashame of their police forces and government(in)action, which is a problem(and something more) they knew exist long before this unfortunate incident.
    While every person has the right to travel safely, our Village Council equally has no right at all in condemning the livelihood of thousands who's income based on Tourism(in an already poor economic), base on one incident.
    Feeling pissed off after such a loss is normal, I personally felt the rage during and after the SWAT take over, but the best thing we can do now is offer comfort to the survivors and honor those who passed away. How is finger pointing and laying blame on those who always took the blame, honoring the dead? I don't know.


  7. who already* took the blame, honoring the dead? I don't know. Typo

  8. Why is this a bigger tragedy than the floods in Pakistan? Is there some reason other than the ethnicity/nationality of the dead people? Yes, the reason these deaths matter and Pakistani deaths don't is that Hong Kong people are generally rich and Pakistanis are generally poor. I feel bad for the families of the dead, but I don't feel worse for the families of dead rich people than for the families of dead poor people.

  9. "Yes, the reason these deaths matter and Pakistani deaths don't is that Hong Kong people are generally rich and Pakistanis are generally poor."

    No, it's because one tragedy is caused by nature and the other is man made. People get shocked by murder and all deaths are equal in the eyes of the lord jesus christ.


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