11 August 2010

Mourning for the mudslide victims

On the 7th of August, a mudslide in Zhouqu resulted from the pouring rain the night before made a town vanish. Any building that's not taller than 2 storeys are completely covered in mud. According to the official source at the time of writing, there are at least 702 people killed and 1042 missing. But according to an interview of a survivor by one of the media, a village populated with 8000-odd people is completely covered in the mudslide.

This reminds us of the 512 Sichuan earthquake in 2008 that killed around 70,000. You may see many news reports about the flooding this year in the Mainland. And you see many praises on how the army and government have been trying their best to rescue the people from the aftermath. However, have you ever seen any official come out and tell you the truth on why this happened? And why this could not be prevented? Our government here has donated billions of taxpayers' money for the rebuilding of the city in Sichuan. Do you, the taxpayer, really know where did all the money go? I am not trying to jump on the bandwagon of criticism. I just want to know where have the consciences of the people sitting in the big, big county office gone? How many lives of her people will it take for the rise of this big country?

If this is not preventable in this country, I am glad that it's a mudslide that would have killed the victims almost instantly through suffocation. I am sorry for those who were trapped in coal mines for days due to lack of safety measures, and those trapped in rubbles of sub-standard buildings after earthquakes. Rest in peace.

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