03 August 2010

May the bipolar disorder be with you, so you can smack a copper or two!

At times you and me really want to smack a copper, especially when you see some retarded police like them. But then assaulting a police officer is a serious criminal offense that could lead to an imprisonment for six months, in theory. Lately, we learned that Amina Bokhary, upon her third conviction of assaulting a police officer, was put on probation for one year and fined HK$8,000 for careless driving.

I googled "assaulting a police officer in HK" to check and see if the court has been that lenient for other similar convictions. I found that an activist who got convicted of assaulting a police officer during a demonstration had been sentenced to 15 weeks in prison and ordered to pay the victim HK$8,000 in compensation.

What made the difference between the two cases? The judge in Amina's case thought that what Amina needed is medical treatment instead of imprisonment as she had been found to have bipolar disorder. I couldn't help but went over the video clip of the incident again. I thought she's drunk for sure. Having seen hundreds of drunk persons in my life and have been drunk myself dozens of times, those things she did are the natural things to be done when you're drunk. Although she was obviously pissed drunk, mental illness is something I'm not too sure.

Wanted to smack a copper and get away with it so badly, I further looked into how could I become a bipolar. To my surprise, it wasn't all that difficult! I took this online questionnaire and found that I am somewhat a bipolar, too! Feeling good and get myself into trouble, checked. Shout at people and start arguments, checked. Feel more self-confident than usual, checked. Sleep less and feel not needing it anyway, checked (especially when I am trying to write a post late at night for starting an argument). Distracted by things around, checked. Much more interested in sex than usual, CHECKED! Do things considered unusual and foolish, checked (like getting involved in the Pub?!). Spending money and getting into troubles, checked! So now I got eight checks and they happen at the same period of time. I have bipolar disorder!

So I am ready to go out and smack some cops. I am bipolar, and I will make a getaway. I'll be put on a probation and sent to the USA for a three-month vacation rehab. I can smack a cop not only once, but thrice and still get away with it! Hurray!

But wait. Ronald Arculli and Kemal Bokhary are not my uncles. Just saying.


  1. Smack on the money; like Amina smacks coppers.


  2. you know people in high places: you can do whatever the fuck you want

  3. She probably can get away with murder. If there is any consolation, everybody can feel better about himself. Despite(Because of?) her upbringing, her connections, her presumably wealth and gilded life, she is still a drunkard psycho bitch.

  4. Total travesty - the arrogant bitch will probably learn nothing from this. Bipolar my arse ........ God I'd love to meet her and just bitchslap her for the fun of it ...

    (I did have to giggle at the cops delayed and over reaction I must admit. Made me laugh first time I saw it months ago and still does :-)

  5. She was drunk off her ass. Bipolar, maybe. but she was inebriated for sure.


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