09 July 2010

X from the Future

This guest post by Fila will be about WWFETS. And this will either send shiver down your spine while you're watching the game on coming early Monday, or will give you a good laugh. Free WWFETS apéritif from the Libertines Pub, baby!

While you think Paul the Octopus is freaking great by successfully predicted Germany losing the WWFETS semi-final game vs Spain on Wednesday, an obscure guy from a well-known Chinese forum Baidu predicted on 13 June 2010 - Yes, one month ago! - the result of World Cup final would be Netherlands 2:1 Spain.

This guy called him/herself "X from the Future". As he/she knew no one will take the prediction serious, X decided to give more details of the game:

Wesley Sneijder will score one. The other one is not that famous.", said "X from the Future", "I will be back a month later and hope you will believe in me by then."

Hm~~~ looks like a stupid lucky guess?! Huh?! I read this at noon yesterday and checked the odds at Hong Kong Jockey Club, Netherlands 2:1 Spain is x13. An hour later, the odds dropped to x10. Am I not the only one taking that serious? Ha!

If you search "X from the Future" in Baidu, you will find another topic posted on 19 June 2010, "It would get very busy in the second half of the year. Be prepared." What the hell? Who is going to be busy? What is going to be busy? How is it going to be busy? Nothing follows afterwards. I don't wanna make any guess on that. But I am sure that "X from the Future" will be very busy if his/her prediction on World Cup final result comes true.

Why don't we place a bet on the Netherlands? Let's see what will happen on Monday. If we win, should we then start to worry? Huh~

Bonus food for thought: If this is no bulls, why Chinese would be the first to come back from the Future? Would this technology be first invented by our Great Motherland?

Read Fila's original blog post in Chinese here.


  1. It's good that the "Future" X can't make it!

    And the X is definitely not from the Future as he/she gave him/herself up in Baidu after WWFETS Final yesterday (http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=825458337).

  2. oh, it's a bit disappointing to know he's a real human, which means he has eight less brains than Paul.

  3. lol Damn, and I was hoping that maybe X is from an alternative universe future, where Stephen Colbert is the World president, we all drive electric cars, and Andres Inestia has dark skin and looks like a actual Spanish person (instead of looking like a vampire). alas, X is just a sucka


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