15 July 2010

Who's more superficial?

As a non-local girl in Hong Kong, I'm constantly shocked by the types of gifts that my local friends receive from their boyfriends/husbands. "He bought you WHAT?!" I'd say with wide eyes as they listed out their latest gifts (e.g. iPhone, netbook, a weekend trip to Thailand, pedigree puppy, etc.) "Meh," they'd reply nonchalantly. "It's nothing, really..." Really? I'd be ECSTATIC if anyone ever bought me such extravagant gifts!

Digging a little deeper, I also found out that in local-local relationships, it's always the guy who pays for meals, hence the term "long-term rice ticket" (長期飯票). What this means is, once this wealthy guy (aka. "ticket") is found, the girl never has to pay for a meal ever again in her life!

So far, it doesn't sound like such a bad deal, right? A guy who pays for all your meals AND spoils you with expensive gifts every now and then? Not bad, not bad. Some girls even go so far as to say that, since there's a 50% chance the relationship won't work out, why not get some freebies while you're at it to at least make it worth your time.

Superficial? Perhaps. Practical? Quite! I mean, why work so hard to buy something when you can get someone else to buy it for you? I'm sure guys would do it too if they could (here's how). But, before we all run out to nab ourselves a local guy, we'd better swing by Wellcome first to buy some paper bags (sorry, guys!).

Unfortunately, Hong Kong men are not known for being 'HOT', which is why we tend to see beauuuutiful girls with men who are old, fragile, geeky, fat or simply skeletal, with bad hygiene, gross teeth, pot bellies, balding combover, etc. Sure, they may have money, but they are definitely lacking in the looks department.

What I wonder is, don't these girls care how their man looks? Or is it just me who thinks that looks matter? Call me superficial, but I'm more attracted by how a guy looks than what's in his bank account. And fellow ladies out there, I urge you to join me in being just as superficial when it comes to looks.

Why do you think some men can get away with being so fugly, yet still be able to bang a model, whereas a fugly girl can't get none? Why do we have to spend hours at the gym and beauty salons making ourselves trim and pretty, while they sit at home on the couch eating chips and growing their big beer bellies?! It's cuz we let them!

The stricter we are about dating only good-looking guys, the harder men will try to make themselves look good for us. Maybe THEN they'll be the ones slaving away at gyms, joining slimming salons and getting waxed (yooow!!). Don't let them take the easy route of using money to buy you out. Together we can make Hong Kong men become more attractive!

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  1. thanks for the fun post! as a local girl, i also don't know why the chubby guys always get the girls with longest legs and nicest hair. i just can't imagine myself bumping into any belly like that, at least for the coming 10 years.

  2. Miss Fong and Bambi,

    You probably don't love money as much as they do.


  3. Since I moved to Hong Kong, I've aspired to be an ugly, fat, pot-bellied guy with bad breath and armpit stench - in the same way that teenage Hong Kong girls aspire to be Leng Mo's. They day I get my man-boobs is the day that I can proudly become someone's "long-term rice ticket".

  4. it's logically flawed but i love your sketches :)

  5. it called deep throating that rice tricket come with a cost .


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