20 July 2010

Smiles for Gay

Nowadays, you get something worth reading in SCMP only once in a blue moon, and I seem to have luck yesterday. This report about the Facebook project "Smiles for Gay" by the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association certainly made my day.

The project is a simple but forceful activity where every heterosexual can participate easily. Simply take a photo of yourself holding a message of support and acceptance to the LGBT community and upload it to the project's Facebook page. Tell the whole Village that there're heterosexuals who can respect choices different to their own in sexuality.

It's difficult for the homosexuals to come out about their sexuality. What makes this project valuable, I think, is the fact that it's even harder for the straights to stand up for the rights of the gays. Most of the straights, even if not being homophobic, would think that it's solely the gays' business. However, in reality, acceptance always starts from the other side. If the heterosexuals carry on refraining from confirming their acceptance to the alternative choices in sexuality, homosexuality would forever remain an alleged fetishism that nobody can understand.

This project is not just another fucktard Facebook page like "I believe I can find 100,000 people who hate the Libertines Pub" or "Unfriend Henry C. for the f-words he used". It matters and it calls for someone with courage to support and participate. I know our readers are no idiots in these matters, so here's the deal. We're giving you some incentives on doing something thousands times more meaningful than harvesting your Farmville. The first three of you who accomplish the following get a Free Beer each at the next Libertines Pub contributors' gathering:

  1. Successfully upload a smiling photo with a message of support and acceptance to the LGBT community at this Facebook page;
  2. Email the Facebook link/name to the said photo to editor at libertines.hk;
  3. Comment on this post to indicate that you have done steps 1 and 2.

Make sure you can tell the difference between a "smile" and a "smirk". For any dispute, our own Ms Cherryboom will be the final judge on your face, so make sure you know well about her taste.

Smile, say yes to gay and get a free beer!

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  1. Bravo for the coverage, I wouldn't have known otherwise. Will be spreading the word!


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