07 July 2010

Save me! I'm addicted

One of the great, no I meant the MOST GREATEST thing about living in H.K during the WWFETS is the fact that they don't show em matches on free T.V until the semi-finals. So as my dear Cousin Bill pointed out in his Face Book rant, If you are a football follower that wishes to see the matches before the semis. You can either:

1) Sign up for a YEAR long plan with our nice cable company. Which apart from football, has absolutely nothing worth watching.

2) Try to find a table in a pub/bar/karaoke/Sauna, while paying thought your asshole for over
priced drinks.

3) Go stand with the crowd in a Shopping mall, and if you spent over certain amount of money, they might let you have a seat.

4) Hang out in the greatest charity organizer in HK, The Hong Kong Jockey Club (u see, they rob the poor, and then they...er..gives to the poor? I'm confused..)

5) Watch it online (Illegally)

As your truly is a cheap ass basement dweller, there really is only one way for me to see the WWFETS, and that's online. While the quality is not as good as standing with a noisy crowd
with the T.V some 500 meters away from me, it does give me my international football fix.
Another great thing about watching football online is I can always choose the channel to watch
from. One of my favorite channel to pirate off from is the ESPN. Not only to hear completely off the mark commentary from Ian Darke (sir, u are awful), but to also look at the amount of wacky
adverts ESPN throw at their audiences. (Shamwow anyone?)

You following me camera guy? See what I'm telling ya? Priceless.

So anyway, one night, during one of the England matches, while I was drinking heavily in order to trick myself in thinking they're good, this advert pops up and catches my eyes.

Hell yeah I am addicted! (Was my drunken reaction) To many things! and for 18.99 (Curiously it's even cheaper than Shamwow!) I can cure them all!

Hey HKGOV, enlist this book to all school kids! You don't need no damn drug test. Passage Malibu will save Hong Kong!

While proud that I've finally found the cure to my many harmful addictions, I do have a sight concern, will ALL my addictions be cured? Well, because you know, there're some that I would quite like to keep....oh I don't know (*blush)..don't ask me the specific..it's too personal to name them in the Pub. I meant, what exactly is an addiction anyway? The great source that is the Wikipedia says: Physically or psychological dependency. So is my girl friend part of my addiction? How about my love for Football? My PS3? Or my water drinking habit ( I drink tons of that shit daily) Will they all be gone after reading Passage Mailbu?

How about you guys? Does anybody reading this has an addiction that they rather like? (i.e Working, Money, shopping, photographing, bloggin etc etc.) If you do, I strongly suggest you to NOT pick up a copy of the Passage Malibu, in fact, I'm sorry that I have even mentioned that book to you. My bad.

I guess as human being, we are all born into this World having to learn and deal with addiction since a young age. I remember in an episode of The Family Guy, while being wean onto regular milk (as oppose to delicious breast milk om nom nom nom!) young Stewie realized that battling addiction is a continuous struggle and how it really is quite fucked up that a little baby have to deal with that shit.. But hey, that's life eh and while some addition may cause harm to us or those around us, well, some addictions actually is the only things that keep us going in this cruel cruel World. (i.e My GF.)


  1. that's very sweet, Eric. you remind me of a Chinese author who says 'you shouldn't make friends with a person with no addiction. they are incapable of deep love.' (人無癖不可與交,以其無深情也。)

    two of my addictions are: 1) online shopping 2)looking in the mirror for a thousand times in my office cubicle. how pathetic.

  2. hahahahah Narcissism much? I do that mirror thing too every time I ride on a elevator at work. FULLY aware that there's a security camera above me!

    'There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it.' ~Mark Twain

    I guess I get a 'F'


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