06 July 2010

Row over electoral reform successfully saved young Villagers from drugs!

I am back. Yes, after two weeks of overseas slavery, I am back.

As a responsible journalist for the leading local news blog the Libertines Pub, I quickly sat my ass in front of the computer screen and went over thousands of feeds piled up in my RSS reader. Leave this Village for a while then you will realise how nothing would happen to this city; the electoral reform proposals got green lights in LegCo, but who cares when politics is basically cock sucking. WWFETS sells booze for our local pubs as usual, and pub owners should thank Cable TV for depriving the pleasure of watching WWFETS of millions of Villagers who neither have Cable TV subscription nor HD TV receiver. Teen models got banned and unbanned in the upcoming book fair. Anybody still cares about the "book" fair anyway? When the Twilight series are considered real books, having tits in the "book" fair is not really taking it too far.

Among those thousands pieces of junk news, this one really caught my eyes though. We have all long forgotten that students in Tai Po have been tested "voluntarily" for drug use! Now the pilot scheme has concluded and the government claimed that it's a great success. Chairman of the Tai Po Association of Heads of Secondary Schools said, although no positive result was ever obtained and 11 millions dollars of our tax money were splashed out, the drug test scheme should still carry on. He thought the scheme was at least a good promotional effort.

That I can agree. Since the launch of the scheme, we have stopped hearing news about kids passing out in school for getting too high. Hong Kong is basically drug-free in the media for months. I google news about "drug" now and found zero number of them related to young people. Yes, the promotional effort works! Only at the expense of HK$11 millions and the privacy of our students in Tai Po!

Funny how, other youth problems were solved all together. We have no more compensated dating; no more girls got tortured or killed by pedobears. No more teens selling their bodies for a LV bag. If you google "compensated dating" news, they simply don't exist.

All our post 80' or 90' young Villagers suddenly became a generation of responsible and political citizens who care about the future of Hong Kong, especially about our electoral reform. They all take to the street to fight for our democracy. They're all suddenly good. We suddenly see hope in our younger generation. They're junkies and prostitutes no more, suddenly.

Thanks to our great Drug Test, it saved our entire younger generation of Villagers!

If you can buy that, you can stop reading at this point; saner readers can carry on from here. I pointed out ages ago that problems with compensated dating, and most probably also with teen drug abuse, are results of deviancy amplification spiral. Nobody has the guts to say that back then and they all flocked to believe that our kids are all wasted. Now the "problems" are all solved; the media shifted their/our attention to the row over electoral reform. They now like to portray our kids as young citizens with social conscience. Drug abuse and compensated dating are out of fashion in the media. So when the media stopped hype-reporting on teen drug abuse and compensated dating, these problems stopped to exist! Now you can see who really saved our kids and only motherfuckers like Daniel Shek of the Action Committee Against Narcotics has the nerves to claim that the drug test is a great success.

Readers, now you can be convinced that the Libertines Pub is a trustworthy and honest news blog; we have better journalism than most of the news agencies in this Village. Yes, we are.

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