16 July 2010

iPad! The cure to our environmental problems!

During the LegCo Q&A session on Tuesday, our honourable mayor of Village Donald Tsang was seen using an iPad on the podium. Although he should have been one of the busiest men in this Village, Donald was too excited about his coolness that he updated his blog only two days after. He told us, first, the iPad was bought on his own cost. No worries, it's not the public money. Secondly, he was not trying to act cool. He said he used the iPad to store his speech, all the meeting papers and data related to the meeting, so that he wouldn't need to print them all out in paper. He is doing his part, by means of an iPad, to save our environment.

He further explained that there's been a "technological revolution" within his cabinet. Since November last year (yes, 2009, 16 bloody years after the invention of the PDF format), they started scanning all the papers and news cuttings into PDF files instead of tabling them all in hard copies. You may wonder how they managed to be that late when most of us have been using the PDF format for ages. Donald explained, because finding the right scanning machine is soooo difficult. People in the government's Information Services Department spent lots of time and Herculean effort in sourcing a scanner that will scan the news cuttings into perfectly readable e-copies. So I imagine what happened was like this: after rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds of feasibility studies, policy proposal drafting, implementation planning, sourcing strategy review, price comparison, field testing, users feedback study, retrospective strategic critical structural systematic analytical review, our efficient civil servants finally came up with a scanner that will scan and a stunt involving Donald bringing an iPad to the LegCo chamber. And Hong Kong is greener now.

Thank you Donald and your team! After reading your blog post, I feel so refreshing and think I breathe in much cleaner air this morning! Should we announce the conclusion of the Environment Bureau and the lay-off of the nature loving Edward Yau now? Let's check what we have achieved so far.

Since the introduction of Action Blue Sky in July 2006, blue sky has been long forgotten and giving way to other more important initiatives like high speed rail and electoral reforms. The 25.5 degrees Celsius air-con standard became a joke and we still got freezer buses and overheated MTR compartments. EPD keeps writing letters after letters to SCMP explaining to those clueless gweilos that they're actually doing something and shifting the blame to the factories in the Motherland, when different studies have shown that a significant amount of pollutants is local. Euro II and III buses are still around our Village, but KMB bought FOUR Euro V buses this year, among the 3,906 buses they are using. I'm not even sure if we're doing any better than developing economies like India in terms of emission standards. The government is still "exploring the chance of having electric car charging stations for public use" after years of mere hope of introducing electric vehicles in Hong Kong. All in all, when the EPD claimed that most of their targets were achieved and some even exceeded, we should stop complaining and instead feel that Hong Kong has cleaner air and a greener environment.

Donald, please carry a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks with you next time. Together with your iPad, you will become a complete douchebag, both in look and at heart.

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  1. All he needs now is an LV bag and an iPhone 4 and all of Hong Kong's problems will be solved!


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