04 June 2010

We're stalkers, so you better answer.

No, there will not be a regular post today.

The editorial committee of the Libertines Pub had a long meeting last evening. We saw dozens of beer consumed; after that, the editors came to a conclusion that there'd be no use for us to write anything today. Nobody will give a shit about the Libertines Pub, not even if we could have written the greatest joke ever.

It's the 4th of June today. Everybody is commemorating the day we all know what happened 21 years ago. We thought it must headline all important news agency around the world, like the BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, etc. The whole world is talking about that in Twitter, they're all trying to figure out how to get the messages that will piss our Big Bro off through Weibo. It's THE game that everybody is playing online today!

Yes, today is important. Everybody should feel sad about today, like how we weep everytime when we read about WWII, the French Revolution, American Civil War, Bleeding Kansas, Cultural Revolution, Reformation, Laconian War, Titanomachy, Midian War...If you feel nothing about all these, you shouldn't breathe.

So we'll do something different today. We want to stalk you. We want to know how and when you read us. Help us with our fetishism by replying to these questions. You can go back crying for the day after a few clicks:

And you get a superfast jellyfish for completing the poll (link available only after you answered all questions, my ass).

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