15 June 2010

Sick Leave (Diagnosis: Radiation affected)

Do you feel unwell in the morning waking up? Headache, nausea? And you are thinking up a reason for calling in. Of course, everyone knows it's because you spent the whole night at a Pub drinking, shouting for your team. I can now suggest another excuse: radiation.

Today the newspaper reported an accident in the nuclear power plant at our neighbourhood nearly a month ago, without any alert from the Company or the Village's gov't. I know some expats readers like you may not even know there is a nuclear power plant in proximity, about 50km away from Tsim Sha Tsui.

I am not an expert in nuclear science, and I can't tell the hazard such accident may bring (so do your boss), I believe even experts at the site can't tell (or not allowed to). With the well-known credibility of the gov't in our backyard, no one really knows what's happening. However, that is a good thing, that's how you i-bankers make money from hoax, aren't you? You just tell your boss you are affected by radiation and are having headache and nausea, no one can really challenge you even a medical doctor.

But why now? Why something that has been kept silent for a whole month suddenly floats to the surface in just one week away from the day the LegCo "may" pass the package proposals on CE and LegCo election methods in 2012? Does the backyard gov't want to remind our fellow villagers your life and power (electrically and politically) are in their hands, your rights to elect and to be elected are basically bullshits.

Anyway, take this chance to call in; stay at home and watch how our LegCo passes the proposals, and most importantly the war outside the chamber between protesters and police. Perhaps our gov't officials and LegCo members should find a better escape than last time.

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