24 June 2010

Selling Out is Sexy

I pray that the time when this post is published, the government’s constitutional reform proposal has already been passed so that my appreciation of footballers’ ripped abs and round butts (yum yum!) would no longer be interrupted by disturbing government ads and news reports which feature the grumpy faces of pan-democrats. I would no longer be under surveillance from the suspecting eyes of thousands of police standing by in Central as if they knew I am a post-80s member who writes for a secret Commie blog. The officials would then hide their ass in the office instead of showing up in shopping malls which ruined my shopping spree.

As you know, the latest twist in the saga is that Big Bro finally endorsed the Democratic Party’s compromise proposal, which would be adopted by the government and enable it to bag the Party’s votes on its revised package. Since the news was announced, my facebook and twitter have been flooded with condemnations of the Democrats as sellouts, because they put forward a proposal less prefect than universal suffrage, though slightly more democratic.

For me, the threshold of selling out is much higher. Democrats would only be a true sell-out if they become Communists as this is totally against their principles. Agreeing to something not contrary to but less perfect than their ultimate goal or dream is not selling out. It’s just real life, and a life I love.

Would you not do the job because you are not working on paradise island?

Would you not sleep with someone because he might not be marrying you?

Would you not learn a new sport because you might not be getting Victoria's Secret models' figure?

Would you not buy iPhone 4 because it has 1028 more flaws than the invincible iPhone 9028?

A ‘no’ would mean you would be forever embittered and waiting. A ‘no’ would mean nothing is done. A  'no' is no life and so fucking boring, just like the thousand tweets and critics on the topic which look totally alike.

While the compromise proposal will do no more harm than the original one or the status quo, why don’t we just give it a go, move on and see what Big Bro has to offer or what else we can fight for? As a woman who trains to be adventurous, the last thing I want is to be stuck in a rut.

Sometimes, I wish the pan-democrats were like the France football team – end it quick and stop the fuss.

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