22 June 2010

Politics ABC for our Villagers

I was sent overseas for two weeks of slavery, so I missed most of the rants against my beloved Democratic Party, which is kind of...cool. Words just can't explain how much I'd like to see this futile row over our electoral reform ends. Idealists in this Village dream everyday that the Big Bro will finally say "Fuck it! You guys can do whatever you like!" They think that the Big Bro cares so much about your rant and raves here and there. So when the Democratic Party decided that they want to take a relatively pragmatic approach as known as bargaining, everybody accuse them being sold out. Now some of you idiots could get a bit puzzled; shouldn't the DP say no to everything the Big Bro or local government decided on? Isn't it the essence of democracy? Have they become DAB after they started negotiating with the Big Bro? Let's say I'm like every other normal Villagers here; I know nothing about the electoral reform packages. Or more precisely, I actually don't give a shit. Yet, is there anything to learn from this incident?

Yes, my fellow Villagers, it's time for us to learn what politics really is. I googled "politics" and found...gee...thousands of tl;dr writings flooded in. As the major illiterate of the Pub, I naturally moved my cursor to that little button called "image", and found some nice pics explaining the most complicated human endeavour to me.

I found we're basically looking at two types of personalities here:

When the Special Administrative Village (SAV) bravely took up the responsibility of "ruling" ourselves under the great One Country Two Systems ideology back in 1997, Villagers have often been accused of being "politically immature", and that became the major excuse for the Big Bro camp to deprive us of our basic human right of democracy. After all these years, I got somewhat convinced...

Villagers need to learn that politics is never about working hard towards your ideals, neither is it about defending your principles. Politics works simply like this:

Even if we have a universal suffrage, the same damn thing would still happen. We can ask our American friend Wesley here. So Villagers, get a life! That is what politics is all about, and now you've experienced it.

Anybody interested in politics still?

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