05 June 2010

The Libertines Pub is one year old!

On the 5th of June, 2009, Henry C. opened this blog with a post ranting about the now long forgotten Nina Wang case. After a year of hard work of our contributors, the Libertines Pub grew into what it is.

The Pub began as a team blog of three. Before having more writers to join us, the three founders all struggled very hard to keep the blog going. One of the founders was quoted to have thought that the Pub would have faded away in a few months time, amongst hundreds of new blogs establishing every month in this city.

Instead, the Pub grew into a magazine-like team blog, updated every weekday. Each contributor, coming from different walks of life, focuses on different aspects of life in this Hi-tech Village. Although the posts published here all have different styles, tones, and sometimes conflicting views on issues, the contributors all treasure the liberty of alternative thinking this platform provides. We deliberately want our writings to be different from the mainstream discourse - we seldom talk about what's been covered or voiced out by others. As pointed out in different occasions, we intend to invite our readers to think otherwise. We are aware of the fact that most readers may not like a blog with alternative views; some even got very offended at some point. Still, we consider it worthwhile to provide some refreshing posts in this otherwise monotonous local blogosphere.

Difficult as it might sound, we grew to become what we are now. Within a year, the Pub has been visited 19,000+ times. More than 200 people liked us in Facebook and our Twitter is followed by around 200. More than 100 readers subscribed to our feed and read us on a daily basis. Considering that Libertines Pub is not-for-profit, where our contributors are all doing this at their leisure (or pressure from the editor), what we are today is a big achievement by itself.

After one year of hard work, we think we earn the right to ask you to show us a little bit of love for the Pub. Firstly, take part in this poll. We would really love to know your reading habits. Secondly, leave us some comments here or there. We want to make the reading of the Libertines Pub an enjoyable experience for everyone. Let us know, and we'll work on it.

Thank you, everyone, my contributors, readers, and most importantly, haters. Let's all keep the fun coming!

Finally, what about a toast?!

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