23 June 2010

Lets talk about Football, baby!!!

Lets talk about the world cu..i mean our world wide sporting event... for a second, shall we? 2 weeks on and it has proven to be quite the emotional roller-coaster already, with a few heartbreaks (aie, les bleus ~ RIP), a few fizzled out expectations (do the English play football anymore?!) and a few instants of la joga bonito (one word: Messi).

For us villagers, the world cup has some serious consequences:

1) MONEY: with cable TV being a selfish greedy bastard..i mean...loving, conscientious cable provider, most of us are unable to watch the games at home, thus prompting all villagers to venture out into our hi-tec glory and stimulate our seriously suffering retail and f&b industry, while making our pockets all the more meeker.

2) BOOZE: like most things in our beloved village, especially within the expat community, its just another excuse to sit around and have an intellectual conversation on the merits of sport and its ability to unite people get trashed, without actually watching the game


Girls: okay girls, i know we have a habit of slutting it up, I mean, dressing provocatively at every sporting event, and i know and fully appreciate that it's part of the fun of being a girl, having done so myself....BUT, if you are going to wear the south african/french/argetina/etc etc jersey, tie it up to your mid riff, with shorts and heels - and then be unable to name at least 4 - 6 of the 11 men on the field, and you are not south african/french/argentinian etc etc - TAKE IT OFF....hmmm that didn't come out quite as i expected....

...but for real, this is FOOTBALL game not a fashion show. the chances of you impressing a guy before, during or after the game with your football fashionista skills are low, very low. So if you are wearing the jersey to support your team, (even if you are not from their country), then by all means, go for it. But please, have some vested interest in the GAME before you decide to don your LV heels with your green and yellow jersey.....thats all I'm asking for here.

Guys: jerseys are hot. and yes, myself and every other hardcore lover of the game will judge you by the team you support (assuming here, that you are not from said country) and the name on the back of your shirt, so choose wisely :P muaahahhahaha

4) SEX: ahhhh the eternal question of life, Sport vs Sex, what to do!!

Fortunately or unfortunately, for us villagers the games are screened from 7:30 pm onwards, and while this allows us to watch the games in relative ease - it DOES pose some conundrums when it comes to 'getting jiggy with it'.

For those of us in the singles game, Trying to be vested in picking up women or picking up men became a lot harder when there are games on every evening, all evening, for one month straight.
For those of us in relationships, well, to be honest....what else is new?

But no matter where your relationship stance in life, here's my two cents:
Your team wins, go celebrate! and what better way to do that than getting laid?! ha!
Your team loses, find a way to make you feel better! and what better way to do that than getting laid?! :P

So, in conclusion, the serious consequences imposed by the WC on village life is actually not much different from anything else; money, booze, fashion and sex predominate more than the actual game, sportsmanship and unity. Ahhhhh, how i love this hi tec village of ours :) :)

ps. as a disclaimer,
the above photo is clearly photoshopped - and all of us here at Libertines are proud of El Diego for moving past his awful coke addiction....and in good faith, we'd like to remind you, drugs are bad...mkay.


  1. hmmmmmm...i hate to be a perv, BUT, this one is for the ladies:


    Thank God for Football :P

  2. Speaking of sex and football, I thought this was amusing.


  3. HAHA

    i LOVE IT. case in point :)thank u s.korea :)

  4. Thanks, Monkey. My jaw just dropped :-O

    Haha, nice one. So the football widow is a myth.

  5. bambs, i know, right :) its phenomenal. makes my day sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better :) and i dont think it'll EVER get old. ever. :P :)

  6. Thx for talking about the disastrous show of France! ;-) Yes, they were a shame for my country, but I still continue to watch the competition! And tonight Germany is going to beat England! I say... 2-1!


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