03 June 2010

Foxconn in the title, but then pretty much nothing else is related to it.

The big news from Motherland in the month of May no doubt has been the series of suicides that happened within the Foxconn industrial complex. While news outlets has been quick to mention and then un-mention the incidents (I guess as a press, you don't really want to say anything TOO bad about a company that makes products for brand names such as Sony, N0kia, Dell, HP AND Apple.) Anyways, as I'm a active troll, when given half the chance, would troll the hell out of Motherland just for the lulz , communist party member who cares a great deal about our fellow comrade in Motherland, I was looking for explanation and interpretation left and right into this emo-tastic incidents.

So on Monday, while I was reading my copy of the South China Morning Post I stolen from my hotel. (It's call fringe benefits, happens when you work in a shitty place doing shitty stuff, so the management turns a blind eye when you take something from the company i.e the occasion toilet roll, newspaper, can of Pepsi you found under the guest bed. etc. Maybe Foxconn has the same concept? Free razor blades to slit your wrist?) Anyway, While I was reading my free paper, I was excited to see SCMP has a article by Wang Xiangwei named: Foxconn, Honda woes reveal changing face of industrial relations.

Being as stupid as I am, before reading the article my mind started to wonder far and wild, what will Mr. Wang reveal? Is Foxconn really a cult like the loopy Falun Gong? No, can't be, even thou Steve Job is involved, he already has the iphones for mass mind control, he doesn't need this... Is there a virus pandemic within the compound and there's something in the water that is making all the people going fucking crazy? No, no, if so, all 400,000 workers would have gone crazy and killed themselves, right? Or maybe is it the lucrative compensation package to the family members, which really is to die for??

In the end there were 2 industrial relation revelations I was most looking forward and hoping Mr. Wang would reveal! The 1st one is that Motherland intentionally keeps parts of herself poor as dirt, in order to provide cheap and dispensable labor to achieve epicness. The other revelation is that they were playing My Chemical Romance loudly over their public announcement system every morning?? I know I would fucking kill myself if I have to listen to MCR every morning.

Alas, my wishes were not to be granted, instead, Mr. Wang, has pointed out several points in his article, which I will share with you lots:

The developments at both Foxconn and Honda show industrial relations are fast becoming an important consideration.....Several factors have emerged....the composition of work force is also changing..they expect more than just a monthly salary, and their pampered upbringings make them unprepared to work under conditions in which they are treated like robot...

I'm sure Mr. Wang, being a big shot newspaper person, has done his research (?) and even thou his article has no number to show for it, of course we will take his word for it. But just who exactly is getting a pampered upbringing? The Foxconn and Honda workers, who choose to leave their poorer home to travel to the promise land of Canton provinces in search for a higher salary? (You know, we'll all seen them hanging around the Lo Wu Shenzhen Train Terminal, those who pack every freaking stations during Chinese New Year, wanting to catch the train home) One thing for sure, it aint the 35 million who earn less than 100 RMP a month Oxfam told us about, they sure as hell were not getting pampered.

Funny enough, Mr. Wang's 2nd paragraph seems to be in a completely different note, yet this time he has more numbers to back him up. What's it about this time? pretty much just bitching about how the Motherland is screwing it's more skilled and educated work force (AHEM. meaning yourself, Mr. Wang?) with it high personal income-tax. The article ends with:

This tax regime has long been known as one of the biggest disincentives for so-call overseas returnees..instead, most move to Hong Kong and travel to the mainland for work.... It is high time mainland official began simplifying the personal income-tax regime.

Yeah, they move their pampered self to Hong Kong and write personal bitching in SCMP.

I know, I'm a retard that who can't scan...


  1. I don't know what kind of an upbringing can prepare one to work like a robot, I think Wang should really do a piece on that. His choice of words shows how aggressively stupid and murderously insensitive a columnist he is.

  2. I think Mr. Wang used to work for China Daily? So i guess sensitivity is not his strongest suit. On the other hand, he must have gotten a loads of practice on propaganda while he was working for Motherland's official mouth piece.


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