11 May 2010

W00t, we've got a vote on May 16 (THIS freaking Sunday!)

OMFG, I only realise yesterday that I've got a vote this Sunday in the LegCo by-election/referendum/carnival-like-I-care! After all the rant and raves I wonder why I didn't make a point of pencilling that in my calendar. Think I should stick a fucking post-it on my head starting from today, so I'll be reminded of the voting by everyone.

When I said there've been rant and raves, there really are. We've been bombarded with propaganda by different camps in the past months. Lately, LSD-Civic Party alliance made this interesting video asking us to vote this Sunday. The Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau asked us to support their proposals, with retarded posters asking us not to stop in making their package happen and trust them. Of course, we all trust ass-whips like Stephen Lam, and the name of his honourable bureau speaks for itself: our constitutional affairs depend on mainland. It's written there, you stupid Villagers.

Now the question is, should I vote this Sunday? Let's do a thought experiment and imagine I have THE decisive vote on this by-election/referendum/carnival-like-I-care. That means, if I cast my vote and my vote goes to either the LSD-Civic Party alliance or T12, it equates all Villagers supporting the abolition of LegCo functional constituencies, universal suffrage for both CE and LegCo in 2012, and whatever that will piss Beijing off. And if I stay at home watching Japanese porn all day and do not cast my vote, that implies all Villagers support Stephen Lam's proposals and that the pan-dem legislators should give the proposals green light in LegCo. What would happen after May 16?

If I vote and vote for either the LSD-Civic Party alliance or T12:

Pan-dem told me that my vote is an important political assertion and if I vote, something like what happened on 1 July 2003 will happen. The great power of the Village people will triumph and the government will take its proposal back like what they did with the Basic Law Article 23 legislation. Yes, the Article 23 legislation was shelved, but the problem is, the article itself is still there. Okie, if you all Villagers feel happier that way, let me cast the vote so that the LegCo will vote against the Stephen Lam proposals. We will then have another stalemate in this so called political reform in Hong Kong. Status quo is what our Villagers fancy, right? Universal suffrage in 2012? LOL.

If I watch Japanese porn all day on May 16:

The government will have a big WIN. Stephen Lam's proposals will be passed and there will be more idiots elected to the LegCo later. There'll also be more idiots who get their votes to put another idiot on the CE seat. It's the same as it is now, only more idiots. More importantly, I'll be called a shitizen, according to this commentator.

The verdict:
  1. I like the video better than the government retarded posters.
  2. I prefer stalemate over idiots.
  3. I cannot take the shitizen name; I am a respectable contributor of the Libertines Pub and I cannot be called a shitizen. It matters and affects the number of my Twitter followers.
  4. I don't like Stephen Lam.
  5. I have nothing better to do on Sunday.
So I shall vote this Sunday. More importantly, my vote is in the NT East constituency and I wanted to kick Long Hair out of the LegCo for ages.

Even more important than kicking Long Hair out is that, I abso-fucking-lutely need this babe in LegCo! Muaaaaahahaha!


  1. yes let's vote! whoever you are going to vote for!

  2. I is going for the Shitizen route. Being called a Shitizen is actually an upgrade for me.

  3. I can be your testimony, bro.


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