19 May 2010

Politics that kills the Pearl

After the LegCo by-election last Sunday, the next climax will be the debate on the bill of constitutional reform in the LegCo in coming weeks. The Gov't aimed at passing it by the end of June before 1st of July. However, for whatever that is happening now, do your opinions and views really count? Do you think your actions can really make changes? I am pessimistic. We are all chess on the game board. Politicians initiated a by-election so that all Villagers can speak up for themselves. Okay, we went out and voted on Sunday. However, the result is now open for any interpretation for their parties' own good.

Villagers feeling helpless in controlling their future and engaging in politics, they fear of being blacklisted by speaking up against the Gov't and the Big Brother. They see no future. By nature, water flows wherever there is no resistance, villagers divert their energy and time on something which is more controllable and make them feel secure: money and a shelter. When people see no future, they look back. We appreciate the golden age we had, and how we gone through the hard times, just like the flashback you have when you are dying.

I see all these symptoms in the Village now. People all talk about how to make quick money by whatever means; they are desperate in owning a flat when the price is sky high; villagers from all generations start to talk about the good old days. Do you see the same? This Village is in a critical condition. But where is the doctor? who dare to save?

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