18 May 2010

INTERNET! A triumph of democracy again! (Internet Tough Guys think.)

It's all over, finally! I'm talking about the LegCo by-election/referendum/carnival-like-I-care!

Tweets and Facebook wall posts, can you leave me alone now? I have fucking voted and that's it!

Over the weekend, people tweeted and retweeted, wrote their own or copied others' wall posts in FB, about the same thing over and over. "Vote, vote, vote." Okie, I've voted; are you happy now? What change it brought to my life? Nothing! It's business as usual and I'm enslaved again like every other Mondays.

Maybe that is not the case for the Internet Tough Guys. Check out the #hk5 tag in Twitter and you can still see basement dwellers whining and moaning about the low turnout rate. Celeb Tweeter like Denise Ho Wan-See let her nerd rage out by condemning our Villagers in her tweets. Those 2.8 millions electors who didn't vote should take the blame and have their human rights shoved up their asses. Our great guru Charles Mok even compared the turnout rate of inmates to that of the people outside. That makes me suspect Charles would rather go behind bars to give the inmates a little love...

What to make of the by-election results would simply be another round of dull jive. This by-election/referendum was just taking the futility and absurdity of the Village's politics to a new level. Yet, it is certainly a big slap on the faces of the online pan-dem bandwagon this time; nerds really need to learn that the world is bigger than your 17' monitor, iPhone and broadband connectivity. Let's assume all of those ~579,000 Villagers were annoyed to vote by your tweets, Facebook wall posts, and SMS spams; still millions of people out there are pretty ignorant of the great things you accomplished online. You might want to accuse the Beijing ass-kissers for "mobilising" their supporters not to vote this time. But since when democratic politics is not about mobilisation of people? The LSD-Civic Party alliance triggered this by-election, you basement dwellers failed to mobilise more people to turn out online, the initiative failed, as simple as that. You can go on with your nerd rage online. IRL, WFC?

Maybe it's time to expand the definition of Social Media Douchebag to include those retards who imagine they're changing the world on the Internet. I mean, THE Internet! Serious Business that is!

On a side note, kudos to Chow Ching Crystal, the T12 babe who topped the unelected chart with 17,260 votes in NT East. While other four T12 candidates got less than 7,000 votes each upon fighting for the same cause as Crystal, her popularity says something about the rationality of our voters. Or is it really the case when Pam Peck (NSFW; actually, not safe for anywhere, anyhow) came second on the unelected chart?


  1. Whatever political experience Crystal lacks, her dress more than makes up for it. Or should I say, whatever fabric her dress lacks, her intellectual and political prowess more than makes up for it. One sees what one wants to see.

    Politicians are getting younger, David Cameron is not even 44. It's not a game for older or old folks anymore.

  2. Maybe the libertines here can run for something next time around?

    Libertines Party.

  3. In 20/20 hindsight, this must be a dress left over from her so called goldfish summer job. Nice.


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