13 May 2010

I'm not entirely sure what's up with Motherland.

Just noticed: damn thing rhymes in Cantonese. (Nice! Oxfam)

If you have been riding on the MTR recently, you might have recognized the advertisement board from Oxfam above, for those of you that don't read Chinese, the poster reads: ''All over China there's over 35Millions of poor farmers, and they have an average monthly income of 100 RMB''

Pretty heavy stuff eh. My goodness! Is Motherland in trouble or not. Let's all chip in and save them (If not they will die!! Or something like that.)!!!

While it certainly seems like Motherland is getting into trouble and needing bail out more often than AIG (hey Eric, 2009 called, they want their joke back. ) and organizations of all sorts asking for donations for motherland is actually nothing new. There is just something unsettling about that poster the 1st time when I saw it, and it's a feeling that I can't really explain, I 'm not the only one here, I heard Xzibit have something to say too. Yo dawg! show us!

That's it!! That's was my reaction when I first saw the Oxfam poster! It bothered me because, all the Motherlander I see in Hong Kong are rich ass motherfuckers, who basically supports the whole village's tourism industry. Everyday, the media tells me how awesome the Shanghai World Expo is (definition of awesomeness depends on how'd you like to be trampled to death by a angry mob looking for entrance tickets. ), and how Motherland is gonna over take USA as the World's No.1 Asshole World's No.1 Superpower? And someone is asking us on the MRT (Because only people with money to spare would ride the MT fucking R, eh?) to donated to the 35 Millions Motherland Comrades (Who's responsibility are they btw?) who earning less than 100RMB a month? While almost 1 in 9 people HERE are living under the breadline?

Oh you know what, forgive my selfish ranting, of coz I'm gonna donate, because I'm rich like Kayne West, as you can see from the entrance to my casa. After all, being communist and all that, one day Motherland will reaches it full potential and everyone will be rich as fuck and earn more than 100 RMB a month right? RIGHT?!?!

Oh hey, did you leave this demotivational poster here, Xzibit?

Someone substitute the pyramids with the Beijing Olympic/World Expo opening ceremony please


  1. China's wealth distribution has reached the schizophrenic level, the gap between the haves and have-nots are widening to a maddening level. Some have resorted to slaughtering kindergarteners to vent their frustrations. The harmonious society facade is a reimagined reality that only exists in party propaganda but not in the real world.

  2. Exactly, I wonder when will the poor finally decided they've had enough, raise up and start a revolution again? Oh wait.. Motherland has that covered! The capitalists part of Motherland will make sure the poor stay the fuck poor.

    BTW thank you for reading my shit, sir.

    The thing for me is, The hippie part of me is screaming government conspiracy. I.e keeping them poor, in order to provide cheap ass labor (which is the single biggest advantage Motherland has) Hence the last poster by me.

    However, the emo side of me couldn't help but got emotional blackmailed by Oxfam, when they were asking for donation just last Saturday on the street.....IRONY FFFFFFFUUUUUUU


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