07 May 2010

Ignorance? So what?

Every morning as soon as we open our eyes, we are being flooded with information: weather, news, traffic, financial market performance, etc. Why the hell do we need to know so many things to start our day? Do we need to know which party won in the UK election to go to work? Do we need to know who drop a bomb at NYC to live a day?

Do you have the habit of reading newspaper on train or bus on your way to work? Why do you do so? To update yourself about the worldwide political situation? To find out how many cars crashed yesterday? Or to figure out whom your favorite TV actor went out with? I have such a habit, but in second thought, I do not really want to know or understand all the news but to kill time. Obviously, those news reports do not really matter to my daily life but that helps me survive my ride on the train, instead of staring at somebody's tits.

Many critics complained that newspapers are becoming entertainment oriented nowadays, with less sophisticated and all-rounded reports and commentaries. TV news focused more on local news; most foreign news are now related to our entertainment: how would the red-shirt protest in Bangkok affect our travel plans? Yes, they lack a "global vision", they prefer celebrity gossips to constitutional review, so what? We are all living in our cocoons, I feel great inside my cocoon without knowing the outside, so let me carry on and please don't disturb me.

Ignorance is not a guilt, it's a bliss. Most children are so happy because they have no knowledge about the world outside of their cocoons. They are living in their own world and see things in their own ways. You may say they are ignorant, they are impolite, they are stupid, so what? They are all happy and laughing out loud. Please leave me alone, don't drag me out, don't shove things in. I just want a happy life ever after.

Readers, don't trouble yourself reading this Pub anymore.


  1. I wonder if this was supposed to be read as sarcasm...

    I don't know about you, but realizing what kind of shithole I am living in and how doomed the human race is did make me a much happier, open-minded, and compassionate person! It sounds ridiculous, but it's true.

  2. The author is dead.

    My friend, you know the philosophy of life here.

  3. sometimes we love to stay in our cocoon, but not for too long. :)


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