06 May 2010

I live in a state of redundancy. And lovin it! aww!

For those of you who are familiar with this village of ours, it should comes as no surprise that us villagers just can never get enough of anything! For us it's always the more the merrier: Let it be social benefit, the freedom of speech, democracy, A/C in our public transport (it's 15 C outside, let's crank up the A/C in our buses and MTR to match it!!) , napkins and ketchup in McDonald's(wet towelettes if KFC), and advise on how to use the interweb! When there's plentiful around us, and we actually have more than we needed, hell fuck it, let get some more, just the for hack of it eh?!

Just a few hours ago, as I was coming back from getting crack coffee for myself, the moment I step in from the 4th entrance of my apartment complex (yes there are more than 5 entrances, I live large, Casa de Eric, bitches!) I suddenly realized just how wonderfully redundantly I'm living.

Now the picture to your right is the entrance in question (looks familiar, Dick Lank? lol). You've probably noticed that there's all but 16 steps of easy(not steep) stairs in the middle of 2 escalators, in addition to an extra elevator on the far right. All for you to use if you THINK that the 16 steps of stair is too hard for you. (Perhaps too hard if you're stealing airport express trolleys, which is what I do on a regular basis btw.), But you know what thou? Most people (including meself) don't THINK when they see this, they just bloodly use the escalator right away.

While this absolutely demonstrate on how freaking well-off I am, from the luxurious stare of my apartment, it also show how insensitivity we are when it comes to spotting the redundancy in our lives.

By the way, did you know the more redundance shit you have in your apartment, the higher the management company can charge your management fee regarding ''Miscellaneous maintenance''? Just a thought.

Oh hey, I heard Ennis Del Mar and Patrick Bateman have a joke to tell you regarding escalator.

Lame. I know.


  1. I'm loving the redundancy of TVs in Kong-styled restaurants too. No matter the angle of your seat, you're always able to face a TV upfront. Though the audio is turned off, the blinding images are so capable of soothing my nerves about making small talk with my dining partners.

  2. Will- Tsing Yi brother. Tsing Yi, the Rebel Alliance's operational base. (Seeing how Henry and Dick live there as well) lol

    Bams- I also love the redundancy of 7-11s, newspaper stands and JEWELRY+GOLD SHOPS!, whenever I take 5-9 steps, there's always either one of these around the corner.

  3. Is that a senior center? Looks like it's for people who lead an indolent life and barely ambulatory. I like to check in that that state of the art senior center. I don't like to raise my heart beat walking up the stairs, watching porns yes, but not the stairs.

  4. Eric,

    I couldn't believe I got that wrong 'cause I've been the one in Tsing Yi for so many times as one of my friend lives there. But then again it looks exactly the same as the one Tung Chung as well. Well, all "neighbourhoods" like this in HK tend to look the same!

    By the way, speaking of redundancy, what about those Louis Vuitton's, Gucci's, Prada's, Agnes b's and all that crap?!!



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