14 May 2010

I believe in you, so hand over that five fucking thousand dollars!

Today, I got this eDM from HKTicketing and at the first glance, I thought it's some kind of homo musical. It turns out to be The Speakmans - Make Your Life Fantastic / Think Yourself Slim seminar!

WTF are they? This same question popped up in my disturbed mind as well. They're life coaches. They're psychotherapists. They're whatever you want to believe in, as they believe anything is possible.

They also believe that "if you give, you will receive. If you give love, you will receive love..." What do you need to give to receive their love? For 5,600 Hong Kong dollars, they will love you for two days.

If you need someone to show you "how to make a few small changes, manage your thinking, deal with those daily difficult situations and kick those self-defeating habits once and for all", you need to sign up for this. 95 idiots have already done so, I'm afraid. Don't miss the chance! With coaches who can stand on their hands like that and are jumping out of the pearly gate to help you, you know you can't be wrong.

Just believe: Your Life Can Be Fantastic!!!

As for me, I have one belief.

I believe anybody needing someone to coach his/her life should go fucking die.

From your Life Coach, Henry C.


  1. WTF are they is right!!! Those "people" look like they belong in the Third Reich..... be wary of evil Nazi robots posing as life coaches!!!!!!!!

  2. Scary plastic white people.

  3. Heil H...I mean, Speakmans!

  4. Oh I definitely need to sign up for this seminar. HK is really getting Americanised!



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