25 May 2010

Faces of our politicians

It was just another dull Monday in this unexciting Village, when I sat in my couch dozing off and looking at the late evening news, a picture that came up on the screen really caught my eyes. Yes, it was the historic meeting among our beloved democrats and Beijing's Liaison Office. It was like the only thing happened in this village yesterday, so what else could it be? This is the pic I saw (click to enlarge):

Don't you see what I saw? That smirk on Cheung Man-kwong's face is priceless! I mean, at least Albert Ho tried to act cool when he shook hands with Li Gang. Either Cheung thought that this meeting was fucktard and hence laughable, or else it must be some unspeakable pride in him that put that smirk on his face.

As for the leader of the recent epic fail by-election triggered referendum-only-in-dreams, Audrey Eu could only show her pissed off face, contrary to her usually conceit and pretentious giggling. What did she get for all the hard but futile work? A retarded debate with Donald Tsang that she can never win. Or does it matter?

See who's the true winner here; that is the smile of a champion! Don't say we've not warned you! Our money is on the Big Bro's side.

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