22 April 2010

Why do you hate drugs, Mr. Government?

Errr.... On behalf of the Libertines Pub, I would like to apologies for the last post. Total misunderstand from my part, took the drug week thing literally. (drug week in a blog? who's stupid idea was it anyway?)

So here's my humble post:

If you've been around the village lately, no doubt you've noticed that the government has made a big fuss over the alleged drug problem, while all sign pointed to the fact Teenage using drugs has always existed and it really isn't that much of a serious problem here in Hong Kong.

If our drug problem isn't really that much of a drug problem, why the big fuss, eh Donald?

I guess one of the biggest motivation will always be the fact that, historically, Hong Kong wouldn't have been Hong Kong without drugs. And us villager will always remember how evil drugs totally ruined our life and allow the evil westerner to snatch us right under the glorious Empire of China! Thus drug always = No Good.

While I agree some drugs, such as Meth, Cocaine, Heroin will almost always cause you physical and possibly psychological harm when used without control (notice the terms without control) and are substances that indeed needed to handle with regulations. But one might ask, after looking at Henry's useful chart of things that will fuck u up, why is LSD and Cannabis illegal when harmful stuff like alcohol and tobacco legal?

Our Pub buddy Wes (We're buddies, aren't we Wes?) rather brilliantly pointed out the economic side of the reasons behind certain substances ban. One should also take into consideration the nature of the substance itself! While many villagers seems to concern themselves with the physically aspect of how certain substances will affect the users, most choose to ignore how psychologically and mentally a substance can affect the user.

One of the reason why former drug user are great teachers when it come to helping drug addicts recover is because they have been there, they know exactly how it feels to be high, and how it feels when you come down and crash and how it feels when the urge arise, since these are things that non drug user simply cannot see or feel. To put it in a simple terms, the World is simply different when you do drug and one just cannot understand it without actually do it.

Where am I going with this?

I do not know how many of the Pubs reader has done drug like LSD or Cannabis, for those who have, it is safe to assume that once you are under the influence of these substance, your perception, your principle, your very core of existence often come under questions, from who you ask? Why yourself of course.
Come have a look at the most comprehensive drug educational website, users of all kind of substance actually post their experiences online, what more do you want?

Don't get it? Hey I'm gonna enlist a little help from Katt Williams.

The point of Katt is, once you are under the influence of cannabis, sometimes certain things that seems important to you might not be so important anymore.

That's right! Did you know?!! The human brain is a amazing thing! Sometimes, when you simulate it with certain substance (let it be alcohol, weed, LSD, or even chocolate!) it can work differently!

With cannabis, and LSD, sometime it has the funny capacity to make the user takes on life on a different prospective: Maybe it really is not worth it to die for a war base on political ideologies? Maybe working as a middle class is really slavery in another form?! Maybe there are things that seems morally correctly at 1st but are really hypocrisy in another form?! Maybe caring less about oneself and giving love to other is really the way to self-actualization?! (OKKKIIEEE I'm sounding like a hippie here....)

I guess my point is, people are just simply a lot more easier to control when they are thinking like a herd and within a box, and for some strange coincident, during the era when substance such as cannabis and LSD were hugely popular and used by a large group of people, there were a lot of non-conformist out there throwing shit at the governments and questioning their decisions.

So Libertines, let me ask you this. Still think certain drugs are illegal because it's harmful to you? Or do you dare to think outside the box, and realized that there's a greater picture from within, be it for economic reason, moral misunderstanding, or the fact that once your are under the influence, you think differently and your government does not want you to do that.

Every human being has the right to find their very own state of thought and mind, through out the human history, different cultures has often enlist the help of substances to pursue visions and seeks answers (alternative perspective), so what right does the governments has to take away that freedom?! The freedom to think otherwise and act upon alternative perspective?

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